Why Hot Women Hang Out With Bad Boys?

It’s a question that has puzzled and beleaguered the male species since the creation of tattoos: what is it about “bad boys” that captivate women?

They fire down the “nice guys” and hang out with men who are often oblivious and egoistic. Often times, the worse bad boys treat them, the more dreadfully their women grip to them.

Being a bad boy doesn’t necessarily mean you are disrespectful to women. It can mean that you possess an edge, an attitude that says “I don’t need any chick right now but if you’re down to party, let’s have some fun.”

Well-known examples of bad boys range from James Dean to Colin Farrell, from Mick Jagger to 50 Cent.


They live (or lived) by their own rules and have an characteristic of jeopardy, a lifestyle that mesmerizes men and women alike.

There’s a saying that goes, “Women want to marry the guy in the suit, but party with the guy on the Harley.” Consider the guys that Princess Diana, one of the sophisticated and most wanted women in the world, hooked up with after she broke it off with Prince Charles: they included a bodyguard and a jet setting playboy. Back when Madonna was the fieriest sex symbol on the planet, she married hard-drinking, paparazzi-punching Sean Penn.

Some say the attractiveness is biological, hardwired into the DNA of the female species. Bad boys are often hyper-masculine Alpha Males. Their veins are flowing with testosterone and they’re sexually philandering, ready to mate and procreate. They also tend to be narcissistic and demand respect.

They have a marauder mentality, rather than allowing themselves to be preyed upon. This makes them better equipped to survive in a punitive world than men who are soft and overly sensitive. Some women respond to this type of bad boy behavior on a primal level, without even deliberately understanding why.

Grating the bottom of the bad boy barrel are those who are physically abusive to women. The type of women that subject themselves to these relationships are not ones that you should ever get involved with. These women are ardently damaged and have horrible self-esteem, despite how physically attractive they might be. Rule them out as options.

Don’t be silly enough to think that you can reform or rescue them; they’ll cause you nothing but drama and grief, two things no self-respecting Mack is going to put up with.

The film Casino contains a perfect example of this: Ginger (Sharon Stone) is a gorgeous prostitute who marries Ace Rothstein (Robert DeNiro), a rich, powerful casino boss. Ace worships the ground she walks on. He showers her with jewelry and furs. He “rescues” her from prostitution, yet she can’t break off her relationship with her sleazy former pimp. She turns Ace’s life into a living hell, running off with the pimp and taking their child with her. It drives Ace crazy; he can’t comprehend why she would choose such a lowlife over him.

Regrettably, these “fatal attractions” happen all the time. Bad boys can have a influential grip on emotionally damaged women, and it’s a trap that has tumbledown many otherwise practical, successful men. Remind yourself that as a Mack, there are an infinite number of fun, nice-looking women out there who will appreciate you. You are squandering your gifts and even worse, damaging your self-esteem by attributing yourself to undesirable women.

But whether you love them or hate them, there are teachings to be learned by perceiving bad boys’ behavior. As a Mack you can assume certain traits of theirs into your game. If you’re a pleasant guy, as most of us are, this doesn’t mean you need to start treating women poorly. This is about adding an advantage to your appeal, an mixture of bad boy dynamism—an atmosphere that says, “I don’t need anyone, but if you’re down to party, let’s have some fun.”