What To Say To Boost Her Attraction (4 quick tips)

talk to girlHey,

Dean Cortez here from “Ex Back Experts.”

A lot of you guys also know me as the creator of a famous program called “Mack Tactics,” which has shown thousands of guys around the world how to become AWESOME with women…



Always knowing what to say, and how to use certain words to “spark attraction” inside a woman…

And I also teach guys how to be the type of cocky, playful “Bad Boy” that women are hard-wired to CHASE.

So I want to share some “secret tactics” with you that will make you better with women, in general…

Because like I say in the “Ex Back Experts” program, I want you to go out and meet some new women during the post-breakup period. It’s a GREAT way to elevate your confidence and remind yourself that OTHER women find you cool and attractive.

So let’s say you’re talking to a girl and the conversation is flowing. You’ve got some things in common with her, she’s easy to talk to, and everything seems to be going
pretty well.

After ten or twenty minutes (or even an hour) of friendly conversation, she tells you she needs to get going…so you take out your phone and get her phone number.

You figure this girl LIKES you. Seeing her again shouldn’t be a problem, right?

But when you text her or call her the next day, you don’t get a response. Or if you do get a response, she can’t remember who you are at first…and when you try to ask her out on a date, she tells you she’s busy this week (and next week, and the week after that… as far as going on a date with you, she’s apparently booked up for the next 40 years!)

So what’s really going on here? How come a girl can seem “into” you during that first conversation, but when you try to contact her again, she treats like you like some annoying telemarketer who’s interrupting her dinner?

Well, it comes down to one word. You might have made Her laugh…she may have found you interesting to talk to….but you failed to make her feel any ATTRACTION.

And in order for a girl to feel that deep, undeniable, gut-level attraction, she needs to feel one thing: SEXUAL TENSION.

I put together a short video that reveals some of my BEST tips for creating “sexual tension” (in a fun way) when you talk to women, you can see it here:


The words “sexual tension” might sound to you like a bad thing. But it’s not. What it really means is, she’s starting to feel attracted to you…but she’s not sure whether you feel the same way about her.

Sexual tension develops when she starts to WANT you…but she doesn’t know if she can HAVE you.

And women want what they can’t have! They love a guy who is a challenge. This is one of the big reasons why “bad boys,” who are cocky, playful, and obviously have a lot of sexual options, are able to attract women effortlessly. They’re sexually attractive to women on a gut level — even if they are the WORST kinds of guys for them to be in a relationship with!

This is why in order to attract women, you need to “shift gears” at some point during the conversation and start teasing her and framing yourself as a CHALLENGE. You can’t let the conversation stay stuck in “neutral!”

Here’s the basic formula: talk to her for a little while and get to know her, so that she feels comfortable with you, and THEN you start teasing her and acting like you’re “not sure” about her.

You make her feel that she has to EARN a spot on “your team.” And this is where the level of sexual tension goes through the roof!

Here Are Some Cocky, Playful Tactics To Help You Attract Women…

#1. Mention how you two could never date.

After you’ve spent a bit of time chatting with her, smile and slip in one of these phrases…

“You and I definitely have a lot of chemistry, but we could NEVER be boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re way too much alike. We’d be breaking up all the time, and then having wild make-up sex and destroying all of my expensive furniture…it’s probably not a good idea.”

“It’s too bad I swore off dating girls like you…”

“You’re a nice girl–you really shouldn’t be hanging out with a guy like me. I could get you in all kinds of trouble.”

“You’re such a sweet girl…you should probably be talking to a nice boy like the one over there (point to some dorky-looking dude). I’m more like the guy your mom warned you about.”

THEN – change the subject. You’ve just planted a powerful seed in her mind: that maybe you’re not “into” her in a romantic way. And yet you’re continuing to talk to her and flirt with her.

This builds sexual tension. She’s not exactly sure whether you’re interested in hooking up with her – which is the exact OPPOSITE of how most guys behave with her. The other guys make their interest completely obvious. Not you.

#2. Accuse her of hitting on you.

If it’s time to get her a drink–or she offers to buy you one–say, “Okay, one drink, but promise you won’t try to take advantage of me.”

Or, “It’s going to take more than a drink to get me into bed. I expect dinner and a movie at least.”

If she touches you, you can say “Hey, hands off the merchandise. That’ll be twenty dollars.”

When she asks you a question, say “You are totally hitting on me right now. That’s one of the questions I ask girls when I’m hitting on them. It’s okay, I just want you to know I expect you to buy me dinner and a movie before anything happens.”

#3. Employ her/fire her.

When she mentions something that she’s good at, or an area where she is experienced, tell her you’re “hiring” her to help you with it. This frames you as the more powerful one in the conversation, and gives you a reason to “fire” her at any time (in a playful way).

“You seem like a smart girl who’s really organized. I’m hiring you as my personal assistant.”

“So it sounds like you know all the cool nightclubs and bars around here. I’m hiring you. From now on you’re my personal party planner whenever I have friends come to town.”

You get the idea. You can “hire” her to do anything. You can make her your personal party DJ, fashion stylist, gym trainer, or website designer. The fun part is that when she says something corny or lame, you can “fire” her:

“Oh my God, Jessica, I can’t believe you just said that. That’s it–you’re fired. Tell the girl over there in the red dress she can submit her resume.”

It’s all in good fun, but you’re sending the message that you’re the one in control and calling the shots. As long as BEFORE the teasing you spent some time getting her to feel comfortable with you, and interested, these types of lines will create sexual tension and make her want to PROVE herself.

#4. Use the point system.

“Okay Jessica, I’m going to ask you something but be careful how you answer, because this answer is worth ten points….”

This is when you can use one of the “Hypotheticals” in my book, Mack Tactics. These are clever, provocative “hypothetical questions” you can pose to her, that will cause her to expose deeper aspects of her personality – and give you tons of “conversational ammo” to keep things flowing.

Examples of Hypotheticals:

“If you had the power to fly or the power to be invisible, which one would you choose?”

“If you could teleport both of us to anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to go?”

My #1 favorite Hypothetical is the one I call “Cops At the Door,” and I reveal it in this presentation:


Whatever your question is, if she answers it “correctly” tell her she has earned ten points — and if she gets up to fifty points she wins a bonus (which can be a drink). This now becomes a theme that runs through the conversation. Deduct points for lame answers. Award points for good ones.

You’re building compliance and sending a message: it’s her job to impress you, not the other way around. You’re making her want to earn your approval. When you start “framing” your conversations this way, you’ll find it much easier to attract women on a sexual level instead of being the “nice guy” or the “friend” she has no interest in sleeping with.

I put together a short (but very powerful) presentation, in which I explain more “tactical” conversation tips, sexual tension and escalation techniques, and wickedly
effective Hypotheticals so that you quickly create ATTRACTION instead of just getting phone numbers that lead to nowhere:


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