Using Humor To Entice Hot Girls

People often hear “Nice guys finish last.” You may ask, why is that? It is a certain fact that a woman loves being with a guy who knows how to trifle and challenge them using hilarity.

Humor is by far one of the top 3 qualities that women look for in a man. In a survey poll done by the top women magazine, it has been shown that over 87% of women rank humor as something they look for in a guy. So, it is imperative to learn how to entice women using humor.

It doesn’t matter if you can pull out pickup lines, recognize her mental games, have flashy clothing and use all kinds of so called “pheromone spray”, the modest truth is if you can’t make a woman laugh, you are going to have a hard time constructing that preliminary allure.

Humor is the shortcut to attraction.  Ask any women on the street and most of them would say they want someone who is funny.

You may ask why is that?

It is human nature to evade pain and gain desire. If you can make her laugh, this carries preference and psychologically it will be very difficult for them to dislike you… at least in the initial interaction. All women want someone they can rely on and trust.

By being humorous, you are making a lasting impression to them that you are someone that can make them happy. If they are happier, they are more likely to spend time with you. This is the way to fascinate women using humor.

Of course, women also likes men who are physically strong and have good muscular characterization but if you are one of those guys who aren’t biologically gifted to be physically fit, being humorous and amusing will level the playing field for you to gain access to women you thought it was not conceivable.

Here are the lists of do’s and don’ts to Attract Women using Humor so that she will become more attracted in you:

1) Balance your discussion pattern by positioning in funny/cute jokes once in a while.

Girl loves it when you know how to use joke parsimoniously. Recall you don’t want to go on and on about serious topic till it bores them to death. Girl likes someone who is subtle to their emotional need rather than some guy who just talks about himself. Of course, girls like challenge but also don’t ruin it to the point it becomes rude because it could have the conflicting effect.

2) Challenge them and make funny faces at them.

This is very true in the case of very good-looking girls. Do not fall into the trap of flattering her hair, her beauty in a gratifying fashion. Remember if she’s hot, she already knows she’s hot because she probably gets the same praise from the other entire guy. Be different. Be the guy who challenge her and tell her that she needs to fix herself before going out or something. This is one way to attract women using humor.

3) There should be a balance.

It is good to be funny in light dose. Humor in heavy dose becomes irritating to most girls because they know the guy is just doing whatever he can to get a dig and it eventually becomes a turn down so the guy ends up with NO girls.

4) Sexual Jokes vs. Cute Jokes.

If you plan to get serious with the girl, try to limit the sexual jokes in the very start because most girls get turn off and will know right away you just want to get into their pants. Start slow and move on with the sexual jokes once she feels more relaxed with you.