The “No Contact” Period 2

I realize that 30 days might seem like an awfully long time from where you’re sitting right now. So here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Take things that remind you of your ex (pictures, gifts, etc.) and put them somewhere where you won’t see them. I suggest storing them at a friend’s place, or somewhere besides your home. This is important, because the more you see things that remind you of her and reminisce about her, the less you will concentrate on what you need to be doing (and the more you will feel weak and want to contact her).
  • Cut off your means of communication with her. Take her number out of your phone so you will not be tempted to dial it or send her texts. Write it down and hide it in a place where it’s out of sight. Do the same with her Skype address, her Yahoo Messenger address, and any other forms of communication you used to have with her. As for Facebook, don’t “de-friend” her, but you should select the option to hide her status updates so that they don’t appear in your Facebook timeline. Again, this time is about you, so don’t follow what she is doing. Checking her Facebook profile every day is basically a form of stalking, which won’t help you to heal and recharge yourself during this 30-day No Contact period.
  • Resist the urge to fantasize about your girlfriend. Do not feed the desire you have for her, which will only make it stronger. Instead, focus on other women. If you need some inspiration, just go online—there are endless websites (and yes, this includes porn) which can help you to block your ex out of your mind and remind you of how many other amazingly hot women are out there. I’m not advising you spend your evenings browsing porn sites, but hey, we’re going to do whatever it takes to get your mind off of your ex for the time being—so that you can put in the work that is necessary to get her back.
  • If she crosses your mind, do not romanticize or idealize your relationship. Remind yourself that there were very real problems within the relationship—and the ugliest problem of all was that she decided not to be with you any longer. Be realistic when looking back at what you had with her (which you should not be fixating on, anyway).