The Negative Emotion Neutralizer

The Negative Emotion Neutralizer

negative emotion neutralizerThis is the core method of the Ex Back Experts system. Used correctly, you can use this powerful method to virtually wipe out the negative feelings your ex has towards you, and replace them with positive emotions whenever she thinks of you (or to just make her flat-out miss you).

Rather than associating you with character traits she disliked (i.e. you were too needy, insecure, inattentive, or she simply felt bored with the relationship), the Negative Emotion Neutralizer will make her think about your positive qualities—the ones that made her fall in love with you in the first place.

Before I explain how this works, I want to make a very important point: this is not an “overnight” method for winning your ex back. There is no such thing. Work these steps patiently. Your ex is NOT ready right now to have you come barreling back into her life to try to work things out with her. The reasons why she left the relationship are still fresh in her mind. Push her now, and she’ll only pull away.

That’s why we’re going to take a much smarter, stealthier approach…

The Negative Emotion Neutralizer is comprised of four steps:

Step 1: Identify The Core Reasons

Step 2: Socialize & Expand Your Comfort Zone

Step 3: Use the Internet To Plant Emotional Seeds

Step 4: Re-Initiate Contact

Step 5: Meet With Her

Ready to jump into this? OK, let’s go.