The Method Behind the Madness

The Method Behind the Madness

the method behind the madnessFirst of all, later in this guide I’m going to explain the most powerful method for making your ex forget about the problems that drove you apart, and all of her negative feelings towards you, so that you can replace those feelings with POSITIVE memories and make her need you and miss you. (Use this method correctly, and it’s very likely that SHE will suggest giving the relationship another try.) It’s called the Negative Emotion Neutralizer, and in order for it to work properly, you’ve got to show some patience.

Acting impatiently and allowing desperation to fuel your actions will only push your ex further away, and kill your chances of having a happy, long-term relationship with her in the future. If you hound her to “work things out” and “give you one more chance” right after the breakup, you might get lucky—she might have a temporary change of heart and decide to be with you again—but the key word here is “temporary.” You will not have solved any of the core problems that caused the breakup. The reasons why she lost her attraction to you, and went so far as to break up with you, will still be there when you get back together. So, some time apart is necessary in order for you to be able to truly hit the “reset button” and start a fresh relationship with her.

Next, let’s talk about female attraction. We all know that men and women are different. That’s why women are appealing, right? Well, in order to make yourself desirable to your ex again—in order to make her choose to be with you—you have to be an attractive person to be with. Remember, you’re not trying to resume your old relationship. You’re trying to win her back and build a new, better relationship, to ensure it goes better the next time around. You don’t do that with guilt trips, tears and tantrums.