5 Essentials You Need To Bang Chicks If You’re Ugly

Let’s be real – girls don’t like ugly unattractive men. In fact, they will not have casual sex with ugly men. Men need to be good-looking, well-built, tall(er), and have a decent package to bag pretty chicks.

Many books and magazines give you some bullshit articles about how to be a great lover or how to make her scream in bed, but all that is pretty useless if you can’t even get the girl into bed in the first place.

The marketplace is full of useless products to enhance your appeal – from strong pheromone-infused Axe deodorant to the ShakeWeight. And people really buy this shit – why?

The answer is clear, men spend big money on whatever they think will help them get a girl. But handsome men don’t need to spend a dime, because they’re handsome.


Obviously, you need to have money. The more the better. Don’t think just because you have a pleasing personality and a wholesome family upbringing that you’ll get porno-style quality chicks. You need money to spend my friend. Girls who say that money is not their top priority in selecting guys are basically saying that if a guy is not handsome or hung like Donkey-Kong, then he better have wads of dough to pamper her with. Girls are expensive creatures with a taste for the exquisite, the rule of thumb usually goes, the prettier/sexier the girl, the more expensive the bills. So face it, if you lack in the looks department, you better be able to afford her. How do you think Donald Trump gets the mid-20s Eastern European girls to be his wife? – definitely not because of his hairpiece.


With personality, we basically mean to not be an asshole. Being an arrogant jerk will never get you any pussy. If you meet a girl for the first time, it’s always best to seem like a nice guy. Show concern over small things, but don’t overdo it. Being interested in how she feels is good, but remain emotionally separated – meaning don’t be a melodramatic tool.

Arrogance and timidity are on opposite ends of the spectrum, and girls like neither. They just like to be with someone cool. Never talk too much about yourself (read the Ten Mack Tactics Commandments). And you better make her laugh, preferably with wit rather than with prepared jokes. Girls ooze over a guy whose amicable charm can make her smile and shy at the same time.


Charisma is not just a power-level bar for your lvl-42 MMORPG elf hunter or a Las Vegas stripper stagename, it means to have charm. Charm is something tricky because you can’t learn from textbook or Anthony Robbins audiotapes how to be good at it. Charisma is supported by supreme confidence and studying the MACK Tactics way to perfect your approach.

Girls can’t resist a charismatic guy. How do you think Barack Obama became president? The guy’s got charm and he eloquently used big words to sway people who have never voted before to vote him into presidency. If you can display the same charismatic traits as Obama, you too can achieve things previously thought impossible, like bagging Scarlet Johansson type quality.


If you don’t have the looks, or the money, or the personality, or the charisma, then you definitely need to have the magic stick. We’re not talking about being hung like a Himalayan prairie-horse, we’re talking about being good in bed. We all know some people who don’t have all of the aforementioned but still hangs around beautiful women. The secret is that these persons know that they only have 1 shot at impressing a chick and while they were able to slip her a roofie to get her overly inebriated to force a night of sexing, they pulled out all stops to please her in every which way possible.

The result of which is that not only will she be a repeat customer, she will also let her girlfriends know about your ‘abilities’. Another rule of thumb is that hot chicks know other hot chicks (and also the fat ugly chick who likes to hang around hot chicks to make them feel better about themselves). Be the guy with the reputation of making girls reach new pinnacles of climax, they won’t ever care that you closely resemble Shrek.


Regardless of whether you’re ugly, girls like to have fun. So therefore you should be fun too. Get the logic? Being fun doesn’t necessarily mean liking to go out to the bars, being fun means to be the main reason pretty girls will go out to the bar with you. Girls will have a great time anywhere if they have fun company. Be wild and free, enjoy everything coming your way, smile ear-to-ear, and never sweat the small stuff.

Pretty soon your text inbox will be full of messages about what your plans are and your Facebook events calendar will be full of invites. Girls won’t care that you’re ugly as long as you got what it takes to entertain them, and in return you’ll have your chance to reap the pussy rewards.