Tales From the Front Lines: The Clone

Tales From the Front Lines: The Clone

A high school friend of mine, who we’ll call Jeff, dated Samantha through two years of high school and the first two years of college. However, as she got closer to the end of her college career and started thinking about her future, she decided that she wanted more than what Jeff was seemingly able to offer her.

Jeff was a good guy, but he wasn’t all that mature. He had a self-deprecating sense of humor that Samantha got a kick out of, he was tall and skinny (which she liked), he had long hair, he played the guitar. She liked all of that and much more about him, but there were also a lot of things she didn’t think were too cool.

Most importantly, Jeff didn’t have a sense of direction. He was on his third major in as many years and had poor grades. He was constantly late to things and had become increasingly addicted to video games, especially World Of Warcraft. Samantha wasn’t happy, because while she still loved Jeff, he seemed less and less like a guy that she thought she could be with in the long-term.

After arguments, ultimatums and broken promises, Samantha finally called it quits. Jeff was sad, but also angry and stubborn. Why should he have to change? He didn’t change his tune until a few months later, when he found out that she had started dating a new guy.

Jeff never took seriously the idea that Samantha would date someone else. The thing is, she was always so into him that he never thought she would find someone else that could compete.

That is, until he heard about her new boyfriend. He was in a band. He was tall and lanky and had long hair. He was always cracking light-hearted jokes and was fun to be with. But on top of that, he was a good student who made time to have fun and get decent grades.

When Jeff realized he wasn’t ever going to get Samantha back, he was understandably disappointed. The funny thing is, Jeff actually got “out-Jeffed” by another guy! His story is the perfect illustration of how no matter how unique you are, you cannot assume that your girlfriend can never be happy with someone else.

Instead, assume that there is someone out there who is very similar to you—the difference being, they won’t take your ex-girlfriend for granted the way you might have.