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How To Be Awesome At Talking To Women

How To Be Awesome At Talking To Women   Listen in on a typical conversation at a bar between a guy and a girl he’s met, and you’re probably going to hear him ask her a series of questions: “What’s your name?” “So what do you do for work?” “Are you from around here?” “What do you like to do…

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The Guide You’ve Been Searching For: How to Talk to Girls

The Guide You have Been Searching for: The best way to Speak to Girls If you’re reading this, it only means one thing. No, not that you’re unable to get a date or score high with a hot lady. It’s about you getting tongue-tied when in front of a woman you like, want, need, or are attracted to (or all…

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Phase One: Open Her

Phase One: Open Her   Don’t worry too much about what to say first. You don’t necessarily need to say something incredibly clever or interesting. The purpose of the opener is to catch her attention and allow you to transition into the first topic of conversation. There are endless openers you can use, but they all basically fall under one…

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