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The Guide You’ve Been Searching For: How to Talk to Girls

The Guide You have Been Searching for: The best way to Speak to Girls If you’re reading this, it only means one thing. No, not that you’re unable to get a date or score high with a hot lady. It’s about you getting tongue-tied when in front of a woman you like, want, need, or are attracted to (or all…

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The Importance Of Sex Appeal In Luring Women

Sex appeal is a breathtaking quality to have. Some of us have it and some of us don’t. But every single person has the potential to radiate sex appeal. Find out how to increase your sex appeal here. Harnessing the clout of sex appeal can do wonders for you and your life. You feel better, you look better and everyone…

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The Code Of Modern Chivalry: Impress More Women

Are you eager to know how to be chivalrous? Here’s a short account on how it all began and how you can amaze a girl today using the code of contemporary chivalry. Before you understand how to be chivalrous in these present times, you need to know what a woman expects from a man and what you can do to…

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How to Deal with Girls that Want to Talk?

How To Start A Conversation Having a crush on a woman can make you feel extremely shy every time that she’s around. More specifically; if you don’t know each other well, here’s how to reach out with the girl of your desire. More elaborately, it is difficult to entice women. However, it is more challenging to deal with attractive girls…

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Tips On How To Get Girls

How to get girls is a question that is at the forefront of many men’s minds. It can be challenging to get girls in many cases. Even more important than how to get girls, however, is how to get the right girls. How to get girls that one is compatible with is not easy, but it can be done. Following…

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Scoring A One Night Stand

Hey, Dean Cortez here… You should know by now that when it comes to scoring a One Night Stand, both SPEED and the right TACTICS are essential. So let’s say you’ve used a solid opener, and the conversation is flowing. Now it’s your job to CONTROL the conversation and “tweak” her emotions to make her feel curiosity and sexual attraction….

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What To Say To Boost Her Attraction (4 quick tips)

Hey, Dean Cortez here from “Ex Back Experts.” A lot of you guys also know me as the creator of a famous program called “Mack Tactics,” which has shown thousands of guys around the world how to become AWESOME with women… Super-confident… Charming… Always knowing what to say, and how to use certain words to “spark attraction” inside a woman… And…

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What Women Want in a Man

Many guys are pretty confused about what women want in a man. Women are unsurprisingly drawn to some men, and similarly, women can’t help but drift away from some other men. So what makes a guy a pronounced guy and what makes him an onlooker? Here are five traits of a great guy that all women love. So if you…

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Starting A Conversation: Mack Tactics

Women repel men who are just fooling around to waste their time. Women have this certain mechanism that they even do not understand themselves. Men who know and understand these mechanisms are considerably keeping an edge among other men. It was said that there is no need for men to be a psychologist to understand simple gestures of women. Books,…

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