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Contain Your Emotions

Contain Your Emotions Though emotions like anger and sadness are very different, and have very different effects, they all have one important thing in common: they make you do stupid things. If you give in to your anger, you will do something dumb. If you give in to your sadness, you will do something dumb. It’s just a fact of…

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The Short-Term Relationship

Exception 5: The Short-Term Relationship This is the most important of the exceptions, because in this situation, having an extended No Contact period with her can kill your chances of getting her back. This is because you have not spent the time together that is really required for her to depend on your affection, attention, and presence in her life….

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Contain Your Emotions 2

In the same way, hoping to make your emotions just “go away” is unrealistic. Lots of people try to do that, but it can literally make them go insane. That’s right; repressing your feelings for a long time makes you crazy. And craziness is hardly a quality that will cause your ex to come running back into your arms. I’m…

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