Starting A Conversation: Mack Tactics

Women repel men who are just fooling around to waste their time. Women have this certain mechanism that they even do not understand themselves.

Men who know and understand these mechanisms are considerably keeping an edge among other men.

It was said that there is no need for men to be a psychologist to understand simple gestures of women.

Books, magazines, and DVDs are just few of the stuffs that teach men the dos and don’ts of dealing with women.

It can be stated that the moment women stroke her hair; men should take advantage of it.

He should appeal and make himself attractive to the other by doing something which girls can never resist appreciating.

I bet that you are quite curious on this matter. There is no need to worry fellows. I will be telling you this as you go on reading.

Let’s start with the discussion about starting a conversation with women. The latter tend to seize you in the first minute of your conversation. It was said that women have this defense mechanism of finding for faults in the first sixty seconds of encounter with a stranger.

It is part of their human nature to look for something that can make them say “no” and leave you behind. That’s hurting for us men.  I know that you don’t want to be trapped in this insulting situation isn’t it?

First things first.

Be confident. Wear a smile. Make yourself comfortable as you step forward toward her direction. Try to assess the woman’s attitude through the way she talks and acts. However, never assume. Just try to have an idea as to what kind of woman she is.

The moment that you approach her, never look and act insecure. There is nothing to feel this way. If she’s attractive, you do the same. Take note that being attractive is best manifested by an outpouring self confidence.

Say “hi” and introduce yourself. Buy her a drink or something. However, never ask permission. You are giving her the chance to say “no” that can further leads to rejection and end of the discussion.

Take a look at this fact. The girl that you are approaching is attractive enough to meet thousands of guys who do typical and same old- school tactics or approach. You know what’s the best thing to do to attract her more than anybody else? Be different as those men she happened to meet in the past.

Avoid those predictable sets of questions. Avoid getting to bare to her. She should divulge some secrets about her- not you. Of course, I am not telling you to stay quite. That’s not the point. Or should I say, that won’t help in any sense.

Use cocky and playful conversation. You might find using funny pick up lines for girls very effective in this matter. Ask questions in a creative way in order to make her think and respond to these questions in a very natural and casual way. Avoid saying things like, “So, what movie had you watch recently?”

Moreover, questions which are answerable by just yes and no ought to be avoided too.  This will just make you crave for more questions to sustain the conversation. That’s backfiring on her advantage. Have fun.

Be confident. Create stories and invent fictions to make them generate their opinions regarding it. Cheating is the best for this matter. You don’t care about her opinion. Appreciate and show that you understand her point.

Never talk about your past relationships. If she is the one who talks about her ex, listen to her. But, never agree to everything she said about men. However, never debate with her. Remember, your intention is to catch her attention and establish a food rapport, not to start a quarrel.

Encourage her to talk and share her ideas and feelings. This way, you are making your way to earn her trust. Furthermore, you are also breaking the barrier that separates the two of you as strangers for each other. The more she shares, the more comfortable she is to be with you.

The moment that you are quite at ease with the other, talk to her in the eyes. Start touching her. Flirt with her especially if you sense that she is initiating it as well. Take note that eye contact holds the key to a more caressing and more romantic body contact.