Socialize & EXPAND YOUR COMFORT ZONERight now, the prospect of spending 30 days without having any communication with your ex might seem daunting. A little bit scary, even.

And even if you’re exercising every day and spending time on other positive activities, that still leaves a lot of hours to fill in the evenings, or on the weekends.

So why not get out there and start meeting some new women? This is one of the best ways to pass the time, take your mind off of her, and turbo-charge your confidence.

You don’t need to seriously date (or sleep with) any women if you don’t want to. (But hey, you never know—you just might meet someone who makes you reconsider whether you really do want your ex back!)

And this isn’t only about building up your confidence and getting out of the house and having some fun. It’s also about using these interactions with women to help you attract your ex back.

This can happen in a few different ways:

Mutual friends (friends you share with your ex) are going to report back to her that you’ve been going out and enjoying yourself. (Assume that anything you tell any of your mutual friends is going to be reported back to her.) This is one of the most powerful ways to communicate to her that you’re moving on with your life.

And you don’t just want them to tell her that you’ve been partying it up, or that you met “someone cool” (a new girl) who you’ve been hanging out with. You also want your ex to hear about other positive things you’ve been up to lately—your new hobbies or activities, a big project you’re working on, or a trip you’re planning to take.

What should not be reported back to her is that you’re whining and moaning about the breakup. You’re living your life to the fullest, enjoying new opportunities that she “gave” you by deciding to break up with you.

So now let me give you some tools and strategies for meeting new women and being social. You don’t need to hang out in bars to do this. If you happen to enjoy the bar scene, great—you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use the tactics you’re about to learn. But if that isn’t your type of scene, these tactics can be used just as effectively when you’re out shopping, running errands, at the gym, or strolling down the street. Anywhere you encounter women, you’ll have the tools to start conversations with them.

My point is, I want you to get out there and be social. If you’re the type of guy who normally keeps to himself and doesn’t strike up conversations with strangers, it’s time to expand your comfort zone a bit.

Now you may be thinking that your “skills” are rusty after being in a relationship for a while. You might not think you really had any skills with the ladies to begin with. But fear not: as I explained in the introduction to this book, I’m an expert on this stuff. (Check out my Mack Tactics system for proof.)

I can give you a set of easy-to-learn tools and methods that will allow you to spark conversations with women in virtually any environment, and keep a conversation flowing in a way that builds attraction and makes women feel a sense of “chemistry” with you.

I could explain a lot of seduction strategies for taking it to the next level with these new women you’re going to meet, but that’s not really the purpose of what we’re doing here. What I want to do is make you feel confident about meeting and talking to women (other than your ex). And these conversation techniques can also be used when you meet up with your ex after the No Contact period ends, so that instead of there being awkward silences or boring small talk—or even worse, having a tense, unpleasant discussion with her about the problems in your past relationship—you can talk to her in a fun, sexy, attractive new way.