(Seduction) The closed-door conspiracy

Did you know there’s a single sentence you can say to ANY girl that instantly makes you insanely attractive to her. Literally, just this one line suddenly makes YOU more appealing than any other guy in her life right at that moment.

But before we get to that, let me ask you a question… When you’re in a club or bar and you see ‘those’ guys laughing and joking with the hottest women in the place…and all the girls are just staring at them wide-eyed.

Hanging on their every word. How does that make you feel?

Do you feel like you’re on the outside, your face pressed up against the glass. Like these guys have insider information. Or do you feel like those bozos DESERVE to have women crawling all over them… and you don’t?

However it makes you feel… it’s time you know what’s REALLY going on here. And why the chance to have sexy, crazy-hot women chasing YOU is a CHOICE.


Hey, you didn’t REALLY think it was all about looks did you?

Talk soon,

Dean Cortez

P.S. Almost forgot… keep watching until 16 minutes in for THAT sentence. It’s dripping with seduction power. Check it out…