Question and Answer # 1

Hiya Dean,

Love your work. It’s worked great for me, especially the techniques you teach like “Hypotheticals” and “Conversation Control.”

Now my goals have become more ambitious. Let me be frank: I wanna have sex with at  least three girls every week. Different  girls.

Thanks Dean,


Dean Cortez’s Answer


Well, aside from calling up your local escort service (and I’m sure you don’t wanna throw down that kind of cash), your other option is to get out there and use your tactics to meet lots and lots of women.

It’s simple math, after all. If you want to catch more fish, you need to cast a bigger net. It’s true that M.A.C.K. Tactics will give you the means to attract any woman, but different women work at a different pace, and at the pace you’re trying to set, you have to work fast. You don’t have time (or the desire, in this case) to cultivate long-term relationships.

Therefore, try to meet 15 women per week, at least. Set up as many dates as you can, and some of them will inevitably end up with sex. You may also meet women that will introduce you to OTHER women, which makes the whole process that much easier.

One of the strongest elements of M.A.C.K. Tactics is that it shows you how to “assume rapport” with women…so that you bond with them QUICKLY.

If you’re reading this email and you’re not sure what “rapport” means, it’s the connection that two people share when they “click” with each other, when they’re totally at ease and have things in common.

With your guy friends, you’ve got a ton of “rapport.” M.A.C.K. Tactics shows you step-by-step how to create this same level of rapport with women — FAST.

Good luck, Scott. I hope you’re in shape for the kind of action you’re talking about!