Question and Answer #9

Dean, I’m a bit confused about building sexual tension. How can I do that in a specific way so that I can stay out of the friend zone and get better at closing? You make it sound so easy!


Dean Cortez’s Answer

Jared, it IS easy and you can do it, too.

Now, your focus alone is going to provide your sexual presence, along with how you look, carry yourself, your confidence, and so forth. These things should make your
intentions clear when they all go together.

Building sexual tension should be a part of everything you do. As I talk about in the book, polite interruptions where you touch her and give a quick compliment build
tension. You also use body contact, basic flirting, and the way that you communicate. The tools are all there as part of M.A.C.K. Tactics. I think that what you may have trouble with is having the confidence to use the tools.

Remember, women are going to WANT you to build that tension. Then they’re going to want you to ease the tension when it builds up enough. They want you to do these things, and you have the ability to do them.


That’s it for this installment, fellow Macks. There will be much more in the future, so make sure to keep these somewhere where you can refer to them when you need them.

My goal, as always, is to help you be a better YOU and achieve your goals, whether you want to be a Mack in the bedroom, when picking up hammers at the clubs, or within the parameters of a relationship. Use these tips and you’ll get there.

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Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez