Question And Answer #8

So Dean, I have a kinda long story to fill you in on, but I REALLY need your help.

Here goes:


I met this girl and could tell she liked me, but I didn’t seal the deal right away and get her phone number. I finally did a couple of weeks later, and we’ve flirted since then, but even though there’s a definite attraction, she seems to be dating somebody else.

She acts weird to me when he’s around, but she refers to him as a “friend” even though I think they’re hooking up. She still gives me the impression that she’s interested,


What gives?

Dean Cortez’s Answer

The thing is, EP, she is interested in you. The problem is that another guy that she was ALSO interested in got to her first.

Women work more like men than they want to admit. They talk to a number of guys at any given time when they’re single. The thing is, even if they like one more than the others, or if they like them all about the same, the one who gets to her first is going to be the new boyfriend. It all seems like the whole “many sperm racing to the egg” thing, doesn’t it?

The fact that she calls him a “friend” says a lot to me. She wants to keep her options a little bit open, but maybe she’s not sure that you’re interested since you moved a little slow on this one (you seem to know that, which is good).

What you’ve got to do is simply step your game up. Use the Tactics that The Negotiator and I have outlined and remember that it will be a competition now. At the same
time, remember that as a Mack you don’t need to get into petty arguments or talk crap about the other guy. Just make yourself a presence and give her reasons to choose you.