Question and Answer #6

Dean! Got a question for ya, man! A lot of what I read when it comes to picking up chicks has to do with how to approach girls at bars, get their attention at a club, or whatever.

Well, I’m in college, so I have tons of chances to meet chicks. The thing is, I don’t really like bars. How should my approach change in typical college situations vs. talking to a girl at a bar??

Also, what if I just want to have sex and not get tied down? Should I tell her so? If I do, will she just say screw it and tell me to take a hike?

You’re the man!


Dean Cortez’s Answer

Thanks, Alan. It’s actually two questions, but since you padded my ego a bit, I’ll let it slide!

When it comes to talking to girls that you’re meeting in non-nightlife environments (i.e. bars and clubs), you can still use all of the techniques we discuss in M.A.C.K. Tactics. Also, don’t forget that in college, you have other opportunities – like one of the best of all, even better than crowded bars – house parties.

House parties are pure gold, my friend.

You’re already in a relaxed environment, and she’s more likely to feel comfortable going home with you since you’re already at someone’s home. It makes people feel like they know each other much better right off the bat, and helps her to lowersome of those “walls” she might have otherwise put up.

Even around campus, you’ll find it’s actually easier to pick up hammers than at the bar. That’s because at the bar, women EXPECT to be hit on. They have their guard up. Around campus, they let their guard down and you can get right to the heart of things much quicker. The main reason that myself and other people recommend bars and
nightclubs is that for guys who are not around tons of single women every day like you are (you lucky bastard), it is the place with the highest concentration of single women. And meeting a lot of women is important.

Your second question is all about closing. I suggest you look again at the M.A.C.K.Tactics sections about 3 Probing Questions, Body Contact, and Talking Dirty (they’re
all in Chapter 15). Hell, look through all of Chapter 15 again. Remember how The Negotiator establishes information and builds on it.

And no, you don’t have to worry about just wanting to have sex; with M.A.C.K. Tactics, you can take a “direct” approach to the conversation that involves a lot of flirting,
playful teasing, and “sexualizing” the conversation so that she knows where this interaction is supposed to go…to your bedroom!