Question and Answer #22

“Dean Cortez! Hey, I know everybody wants to be with younger women, but I’m the opposite. I love the older ladies. Not senior citizen old, but older than me.

The problem is that I’m young-looking as it is and I have a hard time getting older women to give me a chance. I’ve heard it all- “I have a little brother your age” or even “you could be my son!”

How do I get these women to take me seriously?


Dean Cortez’s Answer


In your case, dominance and confidence are going to be even more important. As an older man, women automatically defer to you a little bit, but with a woman who has some experience to her and is older than you, you’re going to have more of an uphill battle.

This just means that ALL of your techniques have to be on point.

Your advantages are that you are going to be youthful, full of energy, and someone who can provide excitement or adventure. These are things that older women may find that they’re missing. Fulfill those fantasies.

Now, when the age issue does come up, and it WILL come up, you have to be all over it with the perfect response, my friend. You have to tell her straight up that age doesn’t matter to you.

Not only that, but tell her if she can’t handle it or “if you think I’m too much for you,” then it’s okay, you understand. Say this with a little cockiness and it can lead to some playful flirting. This way, you’re using innuendo while addressing the age gap with confidence and dominance.

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with a cougar or two. You know I love the older women sometimes, too!