Question and Answer #21

“What’s up Dean,

Women have always found me attractive, so even before discovering M.A.C.K. Tactics I was pretty successful with women. Of course, since then things have really picked up! The thing is, I still have my weaknesses when it comes to my mack game.

My biggest thing is that when a woman is a little shy or doesn’t hold up her end of the conversation, I have trouble keeping things going. Any tips?


Dean Cortez;s Answer


This is where I’m going to tell you that you have to keep conversation control in mind at all times. While your exterior will be calm and cool when you’re talking to a hammer, you’re going to always have your gears moving inside your head-controlling the tempo, moving the topics along and revealing the information YOU want to reveal while finding out what YOU need to know.

Remember that you want to use your Female Perspective Approach, which can get her talking, guiding the conversation toward your own positive qualities, and displaying good listening skills while not seeming too eager. You’ve got this!