Question and Answer #17

“Dean, the age old question! How do you keep women from cheating? Oh, and bonus question: Why do they cheat in the first place? Frustrated,


Dean Cortez’s Answer

Hey Dan,

You likely just had a bad experience. You’ve got my condolences. I’m going to help you out, though.

The thing is that there is no one reason that women cheat, but most of the individual reasons that they cheat come down to one thing:

They aren’t interested in their boyfriend or husband anymore.

In that case, the door is open for a dominant, interesting, more passionate man to swoop in and get her interest. She may cheat instead of just breaking up with her significant other because of guilt, or because of a situation that isn’t easy to get out of (marriage, living together, having kids together, etc.)

Remember that in M.A.C.K. Tactics we don’t teach you to engage with Wolves (that’s the Wack Tactic), but you shouldn’t forget they exist, either.

To keep her honest, you have to keep her interested. That can mean keeping things interesting in the bedroom, giving her enough of your time so that she doesn’t go astray, or just making little steps each day to make sure there’s some passion and interest that goes both ways in the relationship.

Stagnation is your enemy here, even more so than the Wolves who want to nail your woman.