Question and Answer #16

“I don’t have any problems talking to women, Dean. Well, there is one problem…when I’m in a quiet or unusual situation for picking up hammers (like a store, library, or somewhere else outside of a bar or party) I get a little nervous.

It’s like I know that people around me are listening and it makes me self-conscious. What should I do to ease that feeling?


Dean Cortez’s Answer

Zev, that’s not as uncommon of a question as you may think. The thing is, I think you already know the answer.

You can’t worry about people who are around you. Should you feel embarrassed about talking to an attractive woman? Of course not.

I’ve never had anyone say anything to me about approaching a woman in public before. Most people are caught up in whatever they’re doing, playing with their phones or spacing out, for instance.

If people are jealous, hey, that’s their problem. Most people will probably respect you for having the balls to approach a woman when they likely don’t. They may even wonder where you got your techniques!

Just be yourself and don’t worry about having an “audience”.