Question and Answer #15

“Hey, my question is not about getting women, but instead about keeping them. I’ve had really good success with meeting girls (especially after using your strategies), but relationships seem to fizzle out after a few months. It seems as if women are getting bored of me.

How can I keep up that mystique as the relationship continues? Am I giving them too much time? I tend to spend a lot of time with my girlfriends. Is there another problem instead?

Thanks Dean…


Dean Cortez’s Answer


Jake, what you describe is a pretty common problem. It’s a lot easier to keep mystique going when she doesn’t know so much about you, for obvious reasons.

I can’t say for sure that you’re devoting too much time to your girlfriends, but if that’s the thing that immediately pops into your head, I wouldn’t doubt it’s part of the problem.

You may be giving too much of yourself to them, too.

Remember, when you meet women, especially when you use the Tactics provided by myself and The Negotiator, you’re going to just give little bits of yourself to women you meet. This entices and interests them.

When you’re dating, it can be hard to keep this up. I don’t want you to not be yourself, but I don’t want you to make it too easy on them, either. You can be available, but make sure they know you have other  things you COULD be doing. Make sure that at times you DO have other things you do, too.

Women aren’t into guys who they at first see as unattainable, then find that they can quickly tame. Work on retaining that tension and passion, and don’t relinquish your domination so early on, if at all.