Question and Answer #12

“Dean, I’ve got an awkward situation, man. There’s this girl that I run into occasionally at a restaurant I like to eat at. We’ve flirted a bit, but nothing has come of it until recently.

Anyway, I botched things a bit by giving her my number instead of getting hers. Now, I’m not sure what to do. I’m realizing I messed up and should have gotten hers.

Do I wait and see if she contacts me? What if she loses the number? If she doesn’t contact me, do I go back there? And what if she didn’t give me hers because she has a
boyfriend to deal with or something?

Thanks, Jim”

Dean Cortez’s Answer

Jim, in this case it’s all about persistence. I don’t know the specific situation where you gave her your number, but it’s importance to exert some dominance right off the bat and do things on YOUR terms. Of course, I can tell you already know that and just made a mistake. It happens.

Your questions concern me, because I don’t want you to come off needy. You shouldn’t worry too much right now about whether she’s going to call you, if she lost your
number in a hurricane or it disintegrated in some kind of bizarre science experiment.

As far as going back to the restaurant, do so if you normally would. YOU don’t change YOUR activity or habits because of her. That’s dominance and confidence. Next
time you go, you don’t have to address the phone thing. But flirt with her, touch her when you get the chance, and put some pressure on in a non-direct way.