Question and Answer #11

“What’s up, Dean? You have to tell me- what are the secrets to meeting chicks online and impressing them like you do in a bar or in person?

I want to expand my net!


Dean Cortez’s Answer

It may seem at first like the online dating scene is very simple compared to approaching women in real life, and in some cases, that’s true.

However, there is a lot more to meeting hammers online than people think! There’s also a lot of competition (check any dating site and see how many men are registered vs. women).

The Negotiator has some specific advice on this, though.

According to him, you need to focus on three things:

1) A quick compliment,
2) Something about her profile,
3) The closing suggestion.

Now, the quick compliment is usually something about her appearance. You want to make it clear that appearance matters and that you are attracted to her. I would
say that you should use the word “cute” when possible. “Beautiful” is over the top and not every woman is into the word “hot”.

When you say something you liked about her profile, it shows that you actually read about her instead of just seeing her picture and sending her a quick, worthless message. Be specific and even quote her if you want.

Finally, the closing suggestion is not a specific invitation. You just say something like “we should chat sometime.” It doesn’t come off desperate and it looks casual and slightly detached. Compared to the stuff she’ll be getting from other guys, it will seem very cool, down-to-earth, and inviting.

There’s a lot of competition online, but most guys are doing it all wrong. Use those tips and you’ll be ahead of the game.