Practical Advice On How To Get Girls To Like You

Practical Guidance On The best way to Get Girls To Like You

advice on how to get girls to like youIf there were an ultimate secret to romance, somebody would have written it down a long time ago, made millions and would be living a life of profound luxury. Unfortunately, there is no exact science to how to get girls to like you. Why? Girls are human beings, and as human beings, they are all different with different likes and tastes. Some romantic advice will work very well with some women, but that same advice could lead to total and utter failure with others. While there is no set way to get girls, there are some general things to keep in mind.

Pay attention and be genuinely interested in what girls have to say. No matter the age, girls can spot fakes fairly easy. You cannot get girls if you are patronizing or feigning interest. Plus, they will become suspicious. Why do you want be around them, if you do not find them interesting as people? The assumed answer can be misleading, if you allow it to be.

Gifts can be an effective way to get girls. Yet, there are some drawbacks. You have to know the girls in question, first. For example, you do not want to give jewelry a girl will hate. This is also why ignoring romantic cliches are important. Some jewelry makers will have you believe that “Diamonds are a girls best friend,” but some woman do not care for jewelry or diamonds. If a girl is lactose intolerant, you certainly do not want to give her chocolate. Giving the wrong sort of gift to can easily become a big turn-off.

Also, if you need to know how to get girls to like you, look at the other guys they surround themselves with. If the boys around them are not like you, then you may have trouble. Then again, this can also be misleading at times. Human beings are unpredictable, if anything. Still, if you are attempting to gauge your chances, this will be a very strong indicator.

If there is way how to get girls to like you, it does not involve shyness. Girls will not come to you. They will not think you are some deep thinker or tender soul. To them, you will just be that quiet guy standing in the corner while looking at them. For some girls, that will seem very creepy and off-putting. After all, the best way to get girls is to make them, not yourself, the center of attention.