Physical Fitness and Dating: Inseparable Bond

It doesn’t take a genius for people to understand that individuals who are overweight don’t get the same amount and quality of dates as those who stay in good shape. Even though the notion of “big, bold and gorgeous” is flaunted by people who are overweight it really isn’t something most people are engrossed in. Within our biological makeup we crave for people who look physically astute.

Before the dawn of contemporary machinery, a person’s physical fitness was concomitant with their ability to provide for their families. Whether it was during war or farming a person’s physical fitness could provide a healthier lifestyle to the other person.

With a little inspiration they may actually turn their physical enterprise into a full-grown business that employs other people.

Even though this physical competence is not required to the same extent that it was in the past, people have innately learned that physical fitness can give a good indication of the overall health of another person.

No one wants to have children with someone who has all types of physical problems, diseases and ailments. Thus having healthy children requires that people find mates that are attractive and appear healthy.

What is considered physically striking is based in part on a certain level of health. In general attractiveness is defined by health and youth. Large eyes in a female, soft cheeks and a well-endowed chest is a sign of youth. For men this is seen as muscle tone, height and overall proportion. It was difficult to defend against your enemies when you were short, scrawny and weak.

If you do not have a healthy appears it is likely that you are being rejected by a lot of dates. You didn’t think that your personality was the only thing they were looking for did you? If they don’t find your physic or figure attractive from a distance they may not approach you. When they come up to you and your face doesn’t look youthful they may just smile and keep on walking.

Exercise and physical fitness doesn’t have to be a burden.

It can be very pleasurable if you balance the need to do it for yourself and the desire to have others appreciate you. You can even meet people at the gym, read a good book or listen to music when you are toning up your body. Physical fitness will not only help you get the dates you want but also help you have more vigor.