Phase Four: Escalate & Close

Phase Four: Escalate & Close

Phase Four: Escalate & CloseAgain, the main purpose of learning and using these tactics is for you to develop your confidence around women in general (and to get out there and have some fun). If you’re not interested in sleeping with new women because your main priority is to get your ex back, that’s fine. I will remind you, however, that your ex broke up with you. So don’t feel guilty or ashamed if you do want to hook up with some new cutie you meet. It can serve as a very powerful reminder that women find you attractive. (Hey, there’s a reason why your ex started dating you in the first place.)

Sometimes a guy needs to be reminded of this, after being dumped and having his heart get stomped on. So in the event that you do want to take things further with a new woman you’ve met, here are some tips.

During the previous two phases, you should have been slowly and subtly building physical contact with her. During Phase Five, this touching is going to get more intimate. (Putting an arm around her waist, caressing the back of her neck, having her sit on your lap, etc.) This is also when you will Close her.

I explain my favorite Closing tactics in my book “Mack Tactics”…but as the great salesmen say, you’ve got to “Always Be Closing” (ABC).  If you’re interested in hooking up with her, get that phone number so that you can line up a date. Bring her back to your place tonight if she seems up for it. There’s no telling whether you will ever get another chance like the one that exists right now.

Women want to be charmed and seduced. You don’t earn any points for trying to be a “gentleman” who doesn’t show any sexual interest and waits for her to give romantic signals. She probably never will. She wants to know that you’re a man who isn’t afraid to lead her down the path to seduction and make her enjoy the experience.

Women, being highly emotional creatures, will have all sorts of doubts about hooking up with you if you allow them to start dwelling on those possibilities. (One of their big concerns is “going too fast” and being perceived as a “slut.”) Through effective conversation, bonding with her, and following the Four Steps, you can neutralize those concerns and have her follow your lead every step of the way.