Starting A Conversation: Mack Tactics

Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)Join The Internet’s #1 Newsletter For Free Dating Tips (Spots Are Limited!)   Women repel men who are just fooling around to waste their time. Women have this certain mechanism that they even do not understand themselves. Men who know and understand these mechanisms…

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Phase Three: Challenge Her & Use Push-Pull

Phase Three: Challenge Her & Use Push-Pull You MUST shift gears and go to this next step. Phase Two is a comfortable place to be…bonding, sharing, talking about cool stuff you’ve got in common. But in order to make her feel attraction, you need to demonstrate that you’re a high-value guy who isn’t sure if she’s up to your standards….

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How to Talk to a Girl You Like?

Tips On How To Talk To A Girl You Like It happens to everyone. You’ll be in an instance wherein you will find yourself alone with a beautiful lady, and you’re wondering what to say to girl to start a conversation. You know that busting out a corny pick up line isn’t the answer.  So what will you say? This…

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What Women Want

What Women Want Earlier, we talked at length about the qualities that women are wired to look for in a man. Now we’ll look at those qualities in terms of how you can incorporate them into your strategy to win back your ex. Specifically, let’s see what you can be doing during your no-contact period to project the qualities that…

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Question and Answer #6

Dean! Got a question for ya, man! A lot of what I read when it comes to picking up chicks has to do with how to approach girls at bars, get their attention at a club, or whatever. Well, I’m in college, so I have tons of chances to meet chicks. The thing is, I don’t really like bars. How…

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How To Be Awesome At Talking To Women

How To Be Awesome At Talking To Women   Listen in on a typical conversation at a bar between a guy and a girl he’s met, and you’re probably going to hear him ask her a series of questions: “What’s your name?” “So what do you do for work?” “Are you from around here?” “What do you like to do…

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Question and Answer #21

“What’s up Dean, Women have always found me attractive, so even before discovering M.A.C.K. Tactics I was pretty successful with women. Of course, since then things have really picked up! The thing is, I still have my weaknesses when it comes to my mack game. My biggest thing is that when a woman is a little shy or doesn’t hold up her end of the conversation, I…

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College Dating: Real Life Guide

College is supposed to be the best four years of your life. It’s supposed to be the time when teenage boys and girls “find themselves”, when they start to mature, make a whole new set of friends, go out and have fun, have new experiences, and generally just have a great time. Here’s the question: can you be in a relationship and…

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Attract Women at First Sight

It is a fact that men want to be wanted by women. But most men nose-dive wretchedly and lose all hope of ever becoming that wanted man. Want to be a great guy who’s loved by all women? The clandestine behind knowing how to attract women is pretty meek, and absolutely attainable. Most men already know what it takes to be…

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