Make Yourself Irresistible to Women

Understanding how to be tantalizing to women is every man’s fantasy, but not every guy can relish the extravagances of this fantasy in reality. Want to be that guy who can lure his way into any woman’s heart?

The Glimpse

This is something you will have to recognize and master. The art of glancing. It’s all about doing it with flamboyance and flair. It’s about seamless timing, and holding the glance to the exact millisecond.

When you’re sitting down at a coffee shop, or slanting against a bar counter, the glance is your greatest weapon.

However, it also has a lot of chances of boomeranging if you don’t employ it well, especially if you sprawl or sit with an ‘uncool’ posture. Then it would only make you look injudicious.

How to use the glance

You will have to gaze at this woman you want to persuade from across the room, and wait until you catch her eye.

When you make an eye contact, look away in less than half a second, but with just a tip-off that shows that you’ve been watching her. Now wait. Just wait for a minute, and look again.

Catch her eye again and hold the glimpse for exactly three seconds, but this time, have ‘the look’ you’ve read about in the primer on your face! Do the glance thing a couple of times after that.

Make her marvel

Now this is when you get her thinking. She notices a guy, who’s interested in her, but this guy is not charring it, he’s just somewhat interested in her. She wants his attention, and she wants it now! Even at times when you’re not gazing at her, you will have to do everything with sophistication, the way you move or talk should show decisiveness. You know she’s looking at you now and then, and speculating when you’re going to look again.

Now look sporadically, but look away even as she is staring at you. Never stare until the girl looks away. You lose points. Always make the girl want more.

The Alpha Male

The Alpha Male is the biggest, maddest and the best male in the fellowship. If he is out with his friends, he takes choices. His friends listen to him. He talks and people listen. He’s a great communicator. He is the leader of his pack of friends, or at least he behaves that way.

Now you be the Alpha Male! Relish yourself with your friends, make them laugh. Make decisions yourself, and make decisions for others. Tower above the rest of your pack. A woman always wants to be with the Alpha male, a leader, the decision maker, and the one who’ll protect her (aww… all mush). There can be two or more alpha males at times. Even if you are one of them, that’s good enough. You will still stand out of the crowd.

If you can pull it off at the first try, that’s just perfect. Or beginner’s luck! If you’re not very self-possessed, practice it a few times in different situations, when you’re unaccompanied and jaded.

It certainly helps you become that much more slicker. If it doesn’t work in any sporadic situation… well, don’t tuck tail and run under the bed. Reminisce that even the best moves can go wrong. That shouldn’t really stop you from approaching anyone else.

Recollect, approaching a woman you appreciate is delightful, and it’s always a great feeling if you can pull it off your way. Learn from your mistakes, and very soon, you would be able to approach just about any girl without a single sweat bead on your brow.

And if you are worried about the others who just watch and wait for you to screw up, just to get their giggles – screw them. They are the ones who use their hands for company at night, while you nuzzle comfortably with the best girl in the realm!