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Make Small Talk Sexy – Bobby Rio Secrets


Hey, it’s your buddy Dean Cortez, the mastermind behind the M.A.C.K. Tactics system. I’ve has shown dudes around the world how to EXCEL with women…but right now, I need to get real with you.

If you want to create attraction in a woman, you must possess the ability to TALK.

It doesn’t matter how you dress, or what kind of car you drive, or what you do for a living.

If you can’t carry a conversation, you will get NOWHERE with women.

If you EVER feel shy, or nervous, or “tongue-tied” when you talk to women, I want you to watch this video from my friend Bobby Rio:

Click Here For 3 “Conversation Tricks” To Use On Girls

Being able to TALK TO WOMEN in a super-confident,  effective, flirtatious way is what separates the  MACKS from the chumps.

I talk to Bobby Rio about this every time we hang out. It’s amazing to us, how many guys we see…who have more money than us, who are taller, and better-looking than we are…

But when it comes to talking to women, we DESTROY all the other guys! We steal the hot girls away from them…

Because we know how to start the conversation, how to CONTROL the conversation, and how to push the right “emotional buttons” inside a woman’s brain to make her feel curious, and excited, and “connected” to us (even if we just met her two minutes ago…)

This is very cool stuff that you can start using on women right away, and I want you to learn it:

Click Here For 3 “Conversation Tricks” You Can Use When You Talk To Hot Girls

Just imagine the next time you see a cute girl and you’re racking your brain, trying to figure out what to say to her…

Or, the next time you find yourself talking to a woman you’d LOVE to bring home, but you’re struggling to keep the conversation going…you’re trying to think of what to say next, to keep things flowing the right way…

I do NOT want you to mess it up and blow your chance.

The answers are in this video:

Watch This “Weird” Free Video And Learn How To Start A Conversation With ANY Girl

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez

P.S. Once you watch Bobby’s video, you will NEVER talk to a woman you want to bang the same way. And this is  a GOOD thing. You’ll be confident, playful and in control… and women find this extremely SEXY.

Give it a look, and you can thank me later:


Click Here To Learn The RIGHT Thing To Say To Girls (It’s a Sexy “Conversation Secret”)