How To Turn Girls On With Text Messages

Hey, it’s your wingman Dean Cortez and I want to give you a quick lesson about TEXT MESSAGING.

(This is super important, so pay attention…)

You know hot girls are attached to their phones. And they’re TEXTING all day long.

So, you need to know how to master the “text game.”

When you get a girl’s phone number, you need to know the PERFECT TEXT MESSAGE to send her, to create excitement, and curiosity, and intrigue…

You need to send her a text message that makes her IMMEDIATELY remember who you are…and makes
her smile…

And if you already know her, there are “weird” (but really funny) texts you can send her that
make her get horny so she wants to hang out with you RIGHT NOW…

(Watch this video and you’ll learn the best text to send to a girl..)

Click Here For 3 “Weird” Text Messages That Make Girls Get Horny/

Bro, the bottom line is, if you master the “text game” you will never need to wonder about “what to say” when you want to contact a girl…

My friends Bobby Rio and Rob Judge used to tell me about a weird system they invented called the “Key Lock Sequence…”

Where you basically send a text to a girl…and then a reply…and then one more text…

And the next thing you know, she is AT YOUR PLACE and ready to get banged…

Of, if it’s a girl who is “hard to get,” she WILL come out and want to meet you.

Check this out real quick. Learn how the “Key Lock Sequence” works:

Click Here For The Weird “3 Text Formula” That Makes Her WANT You

Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez

P.S. If you have a girl’s phone number and you want to text her, but you’re not sure “what to say,” you seriously need to watch this:

The 3 BEST TEXTS To Send A Girl You Want To Bang