Mack Style: Clothing For Dating

Getting your style right on a date, mainly on the first date, is at all times crucial. Everyone makes instantaneous conclusions about people, whether it is intentionally or subconsciously, we all do it and what people are wearing has an enormous impression on that judgment. If you get your style right and look your best then the rest will follow.

Style is simply wearing what suits you and what you feel comfortable in and style for dating is no different.

Anyone can learn how to dress for success and get their style right. Style is not about buying expensive designer labels, following the latest trends or having that ‘must-have’ accessory that all the celebrities have.

As long as you have confidence and are self-aware you will be able to make the most of what you have.

Style is about concentrating on your good bits so you look good and have genuine appeal.

Fashion and style is usually measured to be a female thing but that is no reason for men not to bother. Here are some style tips for dating for men to bear in mind before going on that all important first date.

Leave the comedy clothes and accessories in the wardrobe. T-shirts with slogans might offend, novelty cufflinks look naff and cartoon character ties just look ridiculous. They are never right for a date and certainly not a first date.

Don’t wear a suit if you don’t feel relaxed wearing one, you will simply end up looking tight and uptight and your date might think it is them making you feel that way.

If you have tattoos try to keep them covered on the first date. Some women love tattoos, but others don’t so it is best to keep them covered on a first date.

Never try to amaze your date with your fashion knowledge, particularly if you don’t know what you are talking about, they might know more than you.

Compliment your date on what she is wearing, even if you don’t like her outfit.

Heedlessly of the type of date, it is necessary to look clean and smart which show that you have made an effort. Wherever the date venue may be, it is vigorous that a man wears decent shoes.

Look smart and like you have made an effort. Looking like you have not bothered is insulting to your date and will appear arrogant.

Wear clothes that fit you properly. Clothes that are too big or too small never look good.

Wear anti-perspirant deodorant. Wet patches under your arms are never attractive.

Less is more. Minimize aftershave and jewelry.

Evade wearing sandals unless you have very good feet, if you’re not sure then avoid.

Women often look at a man’s shoes and make a judgment depending on the shoes worn. It is also significant that your trousers fit well, especially around the bottom area where women are known to look.

If you wear a shirt that is tucked in, make sure you accompany your look with a belt, preferably one that matches your shoes.

Choose clothes that show off your positive features; a polo shirt is a good way to show off your shape. As with women, avoid large baggy items of clothing that do unconditionally nothing for you.