Jason Capital – 77 Ways To Make Her Crave You

77 Ways To Make Her Want To F*&K

Hey man, have you seen my buddy Jason Capital’s new video?

It’s called “77 Ways to Make Her Want To Fvck”

Yeah dude, that’s the title…

Let me ask you:

Does he have balls? Or is he a douche?

You decide.

All I know is I saw the video, and my jaw dropped…

You gotta watch this. Everyone I know who has signed up is telling me he’s got some BREAKTHROUGH SHIT.

But of course, haters are gonna hate…

Click Here To Learn The 77 Ways

Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez

P.S. Did you see Method #61 out of The 77? It’s description:

“The BEST gift you could ever give her.” (Almost every dating and seduction mistake comes from lacking this knowledge…)

Get it here NOW!

Or how ’bout Method #70 of The 77?

“Advanced methods of ‘identity projection.’ How to use frame control to turn a girl into what you want her to be.”


You had to have seen Method #36, though…

“3 little questions guaranteed to trigger a physical reaction so intense…so unpredictable…she’s desperate to jump into bed with you.”

Go Here: 77 Ways To Make Her CRAVE You