Your Definitive MANual on How to Be an Alpha Male

how to become alpha male

You want to be on top of the heap, the first in line, the cream of the crop.

In other words, you want to be an Alpha Male.

And so does probably every other guy. But not many of them go beyond, say, Delta, Gamma, or Beta (whoever heard of a Beta male anyway?).

Everyone looks up to an Alpha and answers to an Alpha, so that’s the goal that matters.

And that’s what you will become if you follow these top 3 tips on how to be an Alpha Male:

  1. Build Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

You don’t act the part, you ARE the part. This means you should give off that self-assured vibe without coming off as pretentious or making it look like you’re trying too hard.

This comes from knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you want and that you can get what you want definitely helps you handle almost any situation thrown at you.

But this does not mean you’re gonna be gung ho and won’t say no to any dare put on the table. An Alpha Male knows how to say no and put forward a counterchallenge. He does not let himself be manipulated into a situation that isn’t within his sphere of control. Most of all, he’s not above saying yes to a worthy challenge.

Start by listing all your strengths and weaknesses. Write down all the things you are capable of doing, as well as those you are not. See how you can improve on your pluses and make your minuses part of your pluses. Or, figure out what’s a better alternative to your weaknesses or what you can do to diminish them. If you’re bad at dancing, learn a two-step routine that you can use wherever and whatever the music. Or, if you’re a bit better at some other talent, build on that and use opportunities that will get you to show off those to your date.

  1. Get the Alpha Look

Presentation is everything. You got to win the game even before it starts. The ladies should see you and feel inexplicably drawn to you even before you utter a greeting. Men should be drawn to you and think it’s a cool thing to be associated with you. To do all that, you got to look the part.

Clean shaven? A man’s man is masculine and shows it in his stubble. A Northumbria University study showed that the ladies scored men with five o’ clock shadows highest in the looks department and consider them very attractive and makes its owner “the ideal romantic partner.” So, let that light growth stay on your chin, but don’t make it grow to fuzzy proportions as the women don’t find them attractive anymore.

You should also add something red to your attire. It may be the tie, shirt, mankerchief, man scarf, shoes, belt, hat or cap. A psychological study revealed that girls are drawn to guys in red than those in other colors.

Having a set of glitzy wheels will catapult you to top dog position. It’s one of the ultimate status symbols that make lesser males go green with envy and women make a beeline for you.

Most of all, you got to knock serious muscles into your limbs and torso. A UCLA research result showed that women like men with loaded guns, which is something we all know since the creation of man. The study just reinforces this fact and makes gym time as essential as sleep.

  1. Make an Impact with Your Presence and Speech

If you’re tall, congratulations! You’re born with the physical predisposition in being a certified Alpha Male.

If you’re under 6 feet, don’t fret. Think of Napoleon, Hugh Hefner (he’s 5’9”), Jack Nicholson, Robert de Niro, and even Tom Cruise and know that there’s a lot of reasons for under 6 feeters to be optimistic. Dress in a way that makes you appear taller than you really are and improve your posture. And don’t graze the ground with your gaze. Look up and straight into the eyes of whoever you meet.

Talking in that deep tone that women love will have you commanding their immediate attention at “Hello there.” You also are more likely to get your professional colleagues and contacts to listen to you just by the quality of your voice and how you inflect your words with it.

Practice developing a deeper tone with the help of your local Toastmasters, a friend who uses his voice professionally, or a vocal coach. Or you can just rehearse by yourself at home. There are YouTube videos on that. Record yourself reading a passage from a book or newspaper to know if you like what you hear. Not sure? Try talking in your new tone to your bestest bud or relatives and hear what they have to say.

Also, practice your handshake so you develop a firm, self-assured one. Don’t underestimate the power of scent, as well. The right one can raise your attractiveness factor, says a study by University of Liverpool. Pick one you that you like and makes you feel 100% masterful.

Most of all, be good at your current profession. You should be rising up the ranks and moving to better things, not stuck in the same ol’ cubicle-bound job. An Alpha male never settles for less than success.