How To Talk Dirty To a Girl Over Text

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So how should you talk dirty to a girl over text?

This has been one of the issues or problems that involve most men today. In fact, not all men have the guts and the confidence to be cocky especially in dealing with attractive women.  However, there are few men who can do it very smoothly.

On the contrary, there still exist a vast number of men who attempts to learn the surefire strategies in captivating the girl of their dreams. Books and other visual materials are utilized by these groups of nice men. But, inhibitions and other negative emotions still give these people a terrible nightmare.

You might have noticed that beautiful club goddesses usually go with naughty guys. Despite the fact that these women know how bad these guys treat their girlfriends, they just can’t resist the temptation of going with these types of men. Whether we like it or not, Mr. Naughty always gains more attention than Mr. Nice Guy.

The reason is simple. Most women love challenges and thrills. They hate dealing with classic men. They are sick and tired of hearing those recurring and annoying questions from men on the onset of the conversation. Instead, they love to deal with mysterious and confident man.

Here are few tips on how to talk dirty to a girl over text.

Don’t pressure yourself on a phone call. You will have a better discussion if you remain comfortable with it. Getting to know each other through a phone call is the forerunner of all remarkable dates. Phone interactions allow two people to get to know each other in a very casual way. You don’t have to fear about being tongue- tied in front of her. Instead, all you have to do is to concentrate on your words and keep the discussion upbeat.

More specifically, contact your girl before 9 p.m. She might be preparing for bed at that time. Calling her at this moment ensures the fact that that she has enough time to have a discussion with you.

Second, ask her about her day. This conversation-starter will help you seek out more information about her. This also gives you the chance to give your discussion an extra mile.

Third, ask her with follow-up concerns. However, do it no more than once. Too many follow-up concerns will make her feel taut towards you. She might think as if you are tracing her whereabouts. Instead, provide correct ideas through asking motivating and enticing questions.

Fourth, ask her any other concerns that do not include both of you individually. It is a discussion booster.

Draw a smile on your face when you talk to her on the phone. This will help you sound good and happy. Women love to be with guys who are nice and pleasant.

Spend your attention and concentration to the girl whom you are talking with on the other line. Never think about your jobs. Never think about anybody else. Focus your attention on her (her alone). Don’t work on other tasks, such as checking your e-mail or viewing the television.

Limit your chitchat to about 15 minutes. Maintaining the discussion brief will keep her seeking for more.

Once you are very comfortable with each other, you can proceed with a more seducing statements and topics. Here are some written texts examples that you might want to consider in dealing with sexually and physically attractive women.

At this juncture, you want to know how to talk dirty to a woman you just met over a short phone conversation. Well I’d like to teach you few cases that you can use to get ladies unconsciously consider doing something dirty with you. I would not suggest saying exactly what I say; but, customized them for the young lady whom you are sending the message for. Keep in mind that being lively and providing yourself a “backdoor” is always essential too. Let me describe what’s next. Here are some cases that you can use to get her attention.

“Think about my tongue licking down your tummy gradually.”

“Why do I have your number saved as ‘love muffin?’”

“So when are you going to come over?”

“I thought of you in the bathtub yesterday; but, do not get any dirty ideas now!”

Right-Click Here To Instantly Get This Report: The 7 Deadly Texting Mistakes

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