How To Make Hot Women Say “Yes”

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Attracting women is as hard as earning a bachelor’s degree. Indeed, most men had spent tons of hard cash in order to make the girl say “yes” for a date.

In fact, there are times wherein the date might end very abruptly without gaining an advantage.

Most men, expect to have the chance to kiss her (at least) before bringing her back home. However, it ends with “thank you”. So disappointing it is.

There’s nothing wrong with this honestly. But what makes it flawed and not up to scratch is the fact that it will be the first and last date with her. It can never be denied that this happens for many of us.

Furthermore, the statements of women saying how busy they are and they will be for the following months is usual. In fact, this had brought a headache to a vast number of men.

In this case, we tend to see men reading books about picking up girls– whether downloadable or not. Thus, there are also some who transparently floods emails to known gurus in order to get ideas and tips as to how to be attractive to women.

You might wonder why is it too hard for you to make a woman stopover your place when you look good and earn great. You might be thinking why those club goddesses cling into bad guys when in fact these women know how bad these guys treating their girlfriends.

The secret is “challenge”.

I know that you are quite bewildered as to what the statement mean. Let us take it this way.  Accordingly, women love challenges. They crave for something new, something unusual.

They desire for men who feel special and away from those typically old- school techniques. Sending her flowers and chocolates as well as inviting her for a dinner date are just two of the visible manifestations of the old- school tactics that I just said earlier.

I had been in this situation in some point in my life. I know how it hurts to be spending loads of hard-earned cash in exchange of mind- numbing responses as “You’re great to be with. But I need to go find my friends.” and the like.

At this juncture, allow me to share something relevant on this matter that might also help you surpass this challenge.

Specifically, more than half of nice men on earth are using an old-school approach. However, this vast number of men experienced rejection even before the week ends. To tell you frankly, being nice to sexy girls does not guarantee building attraction at all. Sometimes, we need to play games as to how women want to play it.

This does not mean getting into their set of rules. Plainly stating, if these girls want to have fun, be ready to give them fun. Be confident and sound cocky in the conversation; whether it’s the first time you meet and talk or not. Sound as if you don’t feel any trace of insecurity in you (why insecure?). Tease her. Indirectly answer questions.

Avoid those typical questions and answer thing as if she is a job applicant. Play the game very smoothly. By doing so you will see yourself having a wild and remarkable night with the most alluring chic in town in just the first night.

Bear in mind that women are attracted to guys who have the ability to flip their attraction switches. They tend to pull you back when you keep on making them feel that you are a uniquely confident man unlike others.

The Typical Man

And one way to flip it is through becoming not a typical man. You don’t need to be a law breaker or something unruly. Just be yourself with a twist. Be cool. Be unpredictable. Be a good conversation player.

Talking about the proper way of conversing with these fellows, you ought to sound secure but not airy. If the girl that you are eyeing for is in a group, talk to everybody with the same height as you deal with her. Treat everybody with fairness. You might also try to make yourself distant to her at times.

But, as you go on with the conversation, try to talk to her with eye contact. Accordingly, eye contact starts the body contact. You know what I mean.

Doubtful? Try it.


Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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