How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Using Facebook

The Facebook Ex Back Method

After a breakup, you might feel like the last thing you want to do is go out, socialize, and meet new people. Well, one of the cool things about Facebook is that you can constantly expand your “social circle” without leaving home!

The size of your social group isn’t just a measure of how popular you are. It also shows how active you are (or seem to be), and who you’re spending time with. So don’t hesitate to add new friends to your Facebook profile, especially friends of the opposite gender. These regular additions to your friends list will pique your ex’s interest.

“Who are these people?” your ex will wonder. They’ll want to know who you’re hanging out with, and having such a good time with, now that you aren’t together. Use this to your advantage and let your inner “social butterfly” flourish.

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Changing Your Facebook Relationship Status

If at first you’re tempted to change your relationship status, consider waiting for at least a week or two. Certainly, don’t go changing your relationship status within hours or days of breaking up with your partner. And, whatever you do, don’t change your status from something like “in a relationship” to “single,” and then to “it’s complicated.”

Not changing your relationship status might seem a little counterintuitive, especially if you’re trying to send a message to your ex that you’re fine and can move on without them. But here’s the reason why you should leave your relationship status the way it is: each time you update your relationship status, everyone gets notified and it draws massive attention to you.

If you’re hoping to get back together with your ex, the last thing you need is a bunch of your friends posting to your wall or messaging you asking about what happened to your relationship. Also, updating and changing your relationship status multiple times in quick succession has the effect of making you look needy and attention-seeking.

You also want to avoid changing your relationship status too soon because it can send the wrong message to your ex, especially if you already know that they may be having doubts about ending things. And your ex is less likely to feel like you’re unstable, or some creepy stalker, if you keep going on about your life and leave your relationship status unchanged for a while.

Facebook Mistakes To Avoid

To summarize, here are some basic “don’ts” when it comes to getting your ex back:

– Don’t be needy or clingy. Emotional neediness and clingy behavior are some of the most unattractive traits you could possibly imagine, and it will only drive your partner further away. Don’t send them

messages telling them how much you miss them, or can’t live without them, how much you need them, or how sad you are without them. At most, you’ll get pity from your ex, but that is not what you want, and you won’t get them back.

? Don’t beg them to return; show that you have dignity and self-respect. Never beg your ex to take you back or to come back. Begging lowers your value and it’s unnecessary; act with confidence and show your ex how valuable you are.

– Don’t post on Facebook about your breakup. This is an attention-seeking tactic that makes you look needy. It also invites commentary from your friends and social circle on what should be a private matter between you and your ex.

Just remember: you weren’t sharing every detail of your relationship when you were together, so don’t start posting all the details now that you’ve broken up.
? Don’t get into a rebound relationship. If your main goal is to get back together with your ex, don’t jump into anything remotely serious with someone else. A little light dating and maybe some casual sex

is fine, but taking things to a more serious, intimate level with another partner will only alienate your ex and push them away. It won’t attract them back to you.

With these tips, you can use Facebook to get your ex back, too. Just remember to be tasteful and natural about your approach. Don’t do anything too overt that makes it seems if you’re trying to attract attention or sympathy. And most importantly, be prepared to continue working to keep your ex once you’re back together. Don’t take your renewed relationship for granted, and hopefully this time it will last forever.

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