How To Get Seduction “Super Powers”

Hey, The following email is a little… x-rated.

But if you still haven’t seen the video everyone is talking about, I think you need to go here now…

You’re going to find out…

1) Why Einstein holds the secret to getting laid (as soon as tonight if you want)

2) 5 strategies you can put to work NOW to install attraction in ANY girl you choose.

3) A hilarious story about one man’s seduction FAIL… and how he turned it all around with the most unlikely of pussy-magnets.

Watch this video now and take notes. Then, put what you learned into action. And report back to me.

I can’t wait to hear your tales of lust and debauchery 😉

Dean Cortez

P.S. It’s a little like having seduction super powers.

Whereas before the things you said and did would repel the hot, horny chicks and attract overweight and desperate women…

Now you’ll be fighting off hordes of sexy nymphs.

Good problem to have.