How To Flirt Women – Teasing Tactics

how to flirt womenHey, this is Dean Cortez from M.A.C.K. Tactics and I want to give you a few “teasing tactics” you can use when you flirt with women.

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So now let me give you some quick “teasing tactics.”

Use these tips when you’re talking to a girl, and you can skip the boring “small talk” and inject some fun, playful, sexy energy into the conversation.

Plus, when you use these tactics you’ll frame yourself as the PRIZE.

Instead of trying to impress her (which is what most guys try to do when they chat with women), you’ll turn the tables and make her feel the need to impress YOU.

So here are some fun “teasing tactics” you can start using right away:

 * Put her in the Friend Zone. This tactic is also very powerful because it reverses the normal roles. Usually it’s women who put guys in the Friend Zone, right? But you can do it to her!

 “You’re like the little sister I never had.” (Or, “You remind me so much of one of my little sister’s friends.”)

 “It’s good we met — I don’t know if we’re right for each other, but we can be friends for sure.”

 “I can tell you would make a great friend. You’re so nice.”

* Blame All Flirtations On Her. This is another fun way to “flip the script” and show confidence. Play around with her and get her to start feeling some attraction, and then “blame” her for what’s happening:

 “Here I am trying to have a serious conversation with you, and you keep giving me flirty looks. Cut it out, would you? It’s distracting.”

 “If you keep looking at me that way, I’m going to have to turn on the charm and seduce you.”

 “If you don’t stop being so cute, you’re going to force me to start hitting on you.”

 “I hope your boyfriend isn’t around, because if you keep smiling at me that way I’m going to be forced to start flirting with you.”

 (Notice, you’re not telling her you are hitting on her/flirting with you right now. You’re saying that it might happen soon, and it’s going to be “her fault.”)

“I really ought to get home soon because I have work tomorrow, but if you keep flirting me like this you’re going to force me to have another drink with you.”

 “You’re making me think such naughty thoughts. Do you have voodoo powers or something? Stop it, I’m trying to concentrate on what you’re saying.”

 “You are totally trying to seduce me right now. Stop looking at me that way. I promised myself I’d be celibate for the next 30 days and you’re messing everything up.”

 “I’m don’t know why, but you keep making me think about us going to the mall and picking out a bunch of sexy lingerie for you at Victoria’s Secret. Cut it out, OK?

I don’t want to be thinking about that stuff right now.”

“I came out tonight to have a couple of beers and chill, and then you come along and force me to start flirting with you. It’s all YOUR fault for wearing that dress.”

 Or try this tactic:

* Employ her/fire her: “I like you. I’m hiring you as my personal assistant.” Or, “I’ve always thought that my life would make a great book. I’m hiring you as my personal biographer. Start taking notes.”

(If she knows how to build websites, make her your website developer. If photography is one of her hobbies, she’s now your personal photographer. Or your chef. Or personal trainer…)

 Then, when she does something dorky or gives a lame answer to one of your questions, you “fire” her: “That’s it — you’re fired. Tell the cute blonde over there she can submit her resume.”

By using these tactics (and many others that are explained in the M.A.C.K. Tactics training course), you’re FRAMING the tone of the conversation and staying in control at all times.

She probably can’t remember the last time she met a guy who showed such confidence, self-control, and playful humor…who made her feel that she needs to STEP UP and earn your approval!

But you won’t make it easier on her 😉

You’ll continue to use cocky humor and “teases,” while at the same time ESCALATING (verbally and physically), to drive up her attraction.

This is your wingman Dean Cortez. I’ll see you in the next video.

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