How To Entice Attractive Women

“Hey, I have to get back to my buddies in a minute; I just need to get a quick female perspective on something.”

The above statement is hailed to be one of the best pick up lines for girls that men used to say in getting his foot on the ground for a conversation to start. Tell her you story and listen to her opinion.

In cases that this girl happens to be with few friends, there are few things to remember, especially in starting chitchat.

Have the confidence the moment you walk towards her direction. Wear a smile. Assume that you are in job interview.

Of course, you are selling yourself to the hiring officers. Indeed, an applicant who possesses an oozing confidence has a high possibility of being hired. This goes the same with women.

We, men, should know every body language they do. Being sensitive to what they say and what they mean is an edge versus other men.

Let’s face it. Men help others in most aspects as on how to improve the way we play golf and some sort. However, we can never deny that men strongly with the other especially when it comes to beautiful and sizzling hot girls.

Let’s get down deeper to the core of this matter.

Say “hi” and confidently introduce yourself. If you are in a bar, you can buy her a drink. This is one of the typical things that most guys do. However, you can do the same kind action to this unquestionably attractive woman without becoming one of the acting scripted men that the latter had been dealt with at some point. How?

In initial approach, there are few statements and gestures that you need to avoid. Take note that the woman that you are fishing that moment has a mechanism of finding something faulty against you.

Thus, she is one trying to look for something unattractive to say “no”. That’s part of women’s defense mechanism that even most of them are not aware of it.

More specifically, maintain a self- restraint. You should show an attitude being a man who holds a high social value and that you are the type whom girls chased. Never say the following expressions as follows:

“Excuse me, can I buy you a drink?”

“So can I call you sometime?”

“Do you want o go back to my place?”

Inviting Her For A Date

Accordingly, these statements will just ruin your style to invite her for a date sometime within the week. Or worst, it will lose that girl for good. In this matter, never ask permission to do something.

Doing so will just give the girl the chance to say no. Most women are hesitant towards strangers who try to enter their personal space. If you feel to buy her a drink, well go on. You might find the so-called “three- point intro” in this game.

The bottom line? Be cool without getting too airy. Be confident without getting too fast. And be romantically sweet without getting into her set of rules. You might find being a little cocky, playful and bad effective in getting her in bed effortlessly.

Simply tell your name. Talk with your eyes talking. Smile. Shake her hand and say something interesting. But, never go directly to the point of the conversation. Never say, “You’re hot babe. Come on, let’s go to my place.”  It will just cause you a hurtful backfire.

Yes, it’s undeniably a very striking statement. In fact, this got something that hottest women love and consider too appealing to resist.

So, what now? Let’s say that you had already set your feet on her ground, what now? Building trust comes next. This can be done through indulging her into a challenging conversation.

Women love men who are mysterious and intriguing. They can’t help digging into the secret personality of that person. Therefore, take advantage of it.

Answer her questions indirectly. Let her go beyond what you are trying to say without acting to be a bit insecure about something (as if there is something to feel that way). Encourage her to share her thoughts freely. Earn her trust through an indulging and very interesting talk.

Speak to her in the eye. It was said that eye contact starts the body contact. Read her actions and simple gestures. If you feel that you both are becoming intimate, start kissing her. There starts a wild night together experience.