How to Catch a Beautiful Girl’s Attention?

This is a very familiar question among men. In fact, most men find it irresistible to admit that they still need to gain more knowledge as to how to look attractive to sexy and beautiful members of the opposite sex.

We must admit that attracting model ramp queens and club goddesses is not an easy task.

We must admit that we keep on repeating faulty tactics in captivating women even if we know that we are doing something faulty.

I understand that you are just following the advices of the gurus who wrote the books that you happened to read about attraction.

I fully understand that you are just trying to be civil and nice to these alluring babes to let them open up a conversation with you. But, it doesn’t make sense.


Let me tell you frankly, being civil and friendly might make you captivate idealistic and traditional ladies.

The use of these attraction techniques on women is like choosing a piece of garment to wear for a certain event. It also goes the same way with wearing a different self in a particular event.

More specifically, men ought to know how to adjust their schemes in dealing with different types of personalities. Reading between the lines is assured to guide us through how we react to a certain circumstance.

More elaborately, attractive and marvelous women in clubs are ought to be treated with confidence and high social value. Bear in mind that women who belong to this sort of easy- go-lucky group are extremely exposed to hundreds or even thousands of men who play the game very typically as others do.

Therefore, a little challenge will make a difference. It is the best way to captivate their attention the moment you approached them with a confident smile.

How to pick up a girl?

Be a man of confidence. Frame yourself as a man with no insecurities. How? It’s easy. First and foremost, act as a man who has a high social value. You must make her feel that you can stand very steadily when she tests you and that you can lead her towards an interesting lifestyle that she desires for.

You don’t need to be a high-earning somebody or someone who has a handsome face and a six- pack abs. Be a man who has the charisma, a good personality and lots of options to choose from. Be different. Be far from the rest. Be unpredictable. Be a man of challenge.  By doing so, you can make even the hottest chic crave for a piece of you.

How to build a lasting approach towards these sexy women without falling in your trembling knees?

It was said that women decides whether or not she will keep a conversation with you or just walk away in the first sixty-second encounter. There is a tip for you to successfully make this first 60- second encounter very perfectly. Look at her in the eyes. Women used to look for reasons to reject you and say “no” within the first minute.

Therefore, the first minute is crucial. Thus, you need to watch out everything from simple gestures down to the questions you asked. Everything should be both flawless and full of sense.

In conversing with the girl that you are eyeing for, you need to be direct and effective. Allow her to open up about her thoughts. Be a listener. By simply opening your minds to the interesting things that she is sharing, you are building trust. The more she reveals about herself, the more comfortable she’ll feel with you.

However, bear in mind that you should never divulge too much information about yourself. Be mysterious and intriguing. This way, you will drive her curiosity as you retain the sense of cocky confidence and charm. Thus, you are pushing her to measure up to your standards.

As trust is established in several hours of chitchat, you will find that eye contact is effective. Looking her in the eyes will not just show off the strong confidence that you have; but also, a powerful way of breaking the invisible barrier towards both her physical and sexual level.