Here’s The Weird Truth About “Pick Up Lines”…

pick up linesHey man, Dean Cortez here. I’m going to give you one of my FAVORITE openers on the internet to use on girls (it works over 90% of the time), but first, let me ask you a quick question:

What’s the WORST “pick up line” in the world?

You’re probably thinking it’s something cheesy, like:

“Hey, do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

“Baby, I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away.”

“Pardon me, I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I borrow yours?”

“Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.”

I could go on…

There are a million corny pick up lines you could bust out on a girl…and as you can probably imagine, they don’t work.

In fact, you’re more likely to get kicked in the nuts, or have a drink thrown in your face, than you are to hook up with her after using one of those groan-worthy openers.

But hey, at least they’re sort of funny. Most guys don’t even try to be funny or original right off the bat. Instead, they use the WORST pick up line of all:


I know it just sounds like a harmless word. But it’s actually the worst pick up line of all, because it communicates absolutely NOTHING.

It gives her NO REASON to want to talk to you. (Unless you’re a dead ringer for David Beckham. In that case, it might get you somewhere.)

So now I want to talk to you for a minute about GOOD openers — SOLID opening questions/statements that will ‘catch a woman’s attention, trigger her curiosity, and
make her want to get to know you.

Here’s an opener I use frequently, and it works like a charm:

“Why are girls from ______ so much fun?”

(Or, “so friendly?”)

This opener is especially effective if you’re visiting a new scene, or you recently moved to a new city or town.

I’ll give you an example…

Recently, I was on vacation in Miami. I was at a bar, and I saw four cute girls having drinks. So I walked up to them, smiled, and said:

“Why are girls from Miami so much fun?”

This immediately caused the girls to smile and pay attention to me.

This opener works on a subconscious level because you’re “labeling” the girls a certain way. You’re TELLING them that they’re fun. And it’s a rule of human nature that
when you TELL a person they are something they want to be (fun, cool, smart, interesting, etc), they’re going to act in a way that fits the label.

(Hey, they wouldn’t want me to think they’re the ONLY four girls in Miami who are NOT fun!)

So now, the Miami girls wanted to BE fun and fit the label. right. Then, I simply used a couple of the easy conversation- starter techniques from my book “Mack Tactics” book, and suddenly all four girls were surrounding him, laughing, having a great time, and eating out of the palm of my hand.

After I used a couple of “playful teases,” all four girls were COMPETING for my attention!

Over the past few years, my buddies and I have figured out (and tested) DOZENS of openers that are like armor-piercing bullets that penetrate any woman’s “force field.”

And from there, I’ll teach you EXACTLY what to say to “connect” with women and create a sense of chemistry.

I put together a short presentation which reveals a bunch of my best approach tactics. Watch it here:

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Your Wingman,

Dean Cortez

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