Handling The Breakup

How To Handle Breakups

how to handle break upsThe unthinkable has happened.
A girl that previously was crazy about you has decided to move on. You’ve likely been blindsided, because who really sees these things coming? You probably will, however, realize later that the signs were fairly clear all along. For now though, let’s not worry about that.

You’ll be going through a lot when the breakup happens. You’ll be thinking and feeling a lot of things, and you will have urges to do a lot of things, too. One of the main purposes of this course is to separate the good instincts from the bad, and focus all of that energy toward the thing that you want most: getting her back.

Handling this first step is the hardest for most guys. This is because you feel you’ve got no control over it; you want her back, but she’s not interested (not yet, at least).

During this step, we will be talking at length about some of the things you will be going through. We’ll discuss what you should be focused on in this early stage, as well as what you should be ready for.

Again, this step will be challenging, because you probably would like nothing better than to go to your girlfriend’s door, knock on it and magically resolve all of this (or text her phone and leave messages on her voicemail until she caves in and agrees to talk things out with you—always a terrible strategy, as we’ll explain later).

Taking this approach will ultimately cause more bad than good. This book is going to show you the right way, instead.

We’ll start with what you’ll be feeling after the breakup, and how you should manage those feelings as well as your impulses. This is where you take the first steps toward winning your girlfriend back, so take this very seriously.