Exceptions To The No Contact Rule

Exceptions To The No Contact Rule

It’s been said that there are exceptions to every rule, and there are even exceptions to this one.

Yes, you heard me right—there are times when it is okay, and even recommended, that you contact your ex-girlfriend shortly after the breakup occurs.

Don’t get too excited, though. There are very few cases in which you should contact her right away, and you probably aren’t experiencing one of these situations right now. I will, however, tell you when it’s recommended for you to jump back in and start talking to her again, along with how you should approach doing so.

The possible exceptions to the no-contact rule would include the following:

  • You live with her
  • You go to school or work with her
  • You have children or another shared responsibility together
  • You are involved in some sort of organized activity with her (sports league, etc.)
  • If you have been together a very short amount of time (less than two months)

In addition, there are a couple of other situations that may qualify:

  • You were in a long-distance relationship together
  • You broke up with her, then decided you wanted her back, but she said “no”
  • She broke up with you because of a lack of commitment from you
  • She broke up with you because you were cheating on her

Let’s discuss these in order. Later on, we’ll talk about some of these exceptions in more detail, but for now we want you to know exactly what type of contact (if any) would be advisable for your situation.