The Short-Term Relationship

Exception 5: The Short-Term Relationship

This is the most important of the exceptions, because in this situation, having an extended No Contact period with her can kill your chances of getting her back. This is because you have not spent the time together that is really required for her to depend on your affection, attention, and presence in her life.

You may be thinking, “We were only together four weeks, but we moved really fast!” That doesn’t matter. You cannot “squeeze” a long-term relationship into a few weeks. The fact remains that a little over a month ago, she was not even with you. She can clearly remember what her life was like without you, and she’ll be able to resume living it if you simply let her go.

There are some very real challenges here. One of them is that while you may have some sense of how she will react to certain situations or actions, you don’t have the kind of knowledge that you would if you’d been together for a few years. There may be some guesswork involved.

However, you cannot handle this situation without confidence. You have to readily accept the fact that you may not get her back. However, if you don’t try, your success rate will be 0%. You’ll have to just give it a shot with the limited knowledge you have of her.

First, ask yourself some questions. How did you meet? What has the nature of your relationship been lately? Was it rocky throughout, or was it mostly smooth sailing? What was the reason for the breakup? Did she give you a clear reason?

You need to assimilate all of the information that you can, and make your best decision. Think specifically about what led to the breakup. If you don’t know for sure, and she doesn’t seem to want to tell you, think of a few probable reasons. You need to think of solutions or fixes for these problems. Make sure that the solutions or fixes are believable, or can be conveyed to her in a way that she will not doubt your sincerity.

Like in a chess game, you need to think a couple of steps ahead of her. If you say one thing, what might she say? Be ready to counter her own counter-argument.  Make sure that you can get everything together into a short message that she will instantly “get” and be able to react to. A long, rambling speech will only ensure that much of your message gets lost.

If you find yourself in this situation, make sure that when you attempt to reconcile with her, you do it in person. Calling her is not going to be nearly as successful an option, and e-mailing or texting should only be reserved for when she absolutely will not see you in person (in which case, you’re probably screwed, anyway).