Office Romance Guidelines

The MACK Lifestyle Office Romance Guide

You want an office romance with the girl at work. She encompasses everything you’ve dreamed of and her bodily figure gives you frequent slight movements. She’s intelligent, quirky, and the way she fits in her clothes gives you dirty, dirty thoughts. The problem is you work together at the same company, and we all know that the cardinal rule of professionalism at the workplace is to abstain from office affairs. It even says so in the employee manual and is part of the annual Sexual Harassment compliance module. You might risk complicating the professional relationship, bringing forth awkwardness and sexual tension. You wouldn’t want your coworkers to know in fear of gossip, or perhaps even the managers, for they might get human resources to slap you with a pesky sexual harassment claim. All are barriers that form a barricade to unbridled lust for your sexy colleague.

But you’re a graduate of the MACK school of Macking. You made her your target of desire and will stop at nothing to satisfy your cravings. As for any MACK TACTICS graduate, the joy of hunting is not as much the kill as it is the hunt.  So you set forth your plan of approach to the office romance guidelines to break down those barriers like Reagan took down the Berlin Wall so the both of you can enjoy all what is right in the face of what’s wrong. After all, it’s more exciting that way anyways.

Flirt to get the skirt

You want to make sure your intentions are known, but do it subtly. It’s not like a bar where you can approach her with your balls hanging out because you know you might never see her again. You see each other every day at work! Make your moves subtle, like the advertently inadvertent eye-contact or the timed chance encounter at the restrooms to ensure she catches your presence. Make sure she knows you’re interested in her and not in a dirty-old-man-pervert way. Girls take a lot of effort to look dressed up and caked up to go to work, so make sure you notice that. Even if you’ve never said a word to her before, the best ice-breaker is to exchange gratuitous smiles. An ensuing conversation will inevitably be forced to happen because how long can 2 people go smiling at each other without conversation before it gets awkward and just plain silly.


Smile at your coworker
Smiling works every time!



Break the ice, entice the prize

After she’s fully aware of your presence, exchanging glances at every opportunity, and gleefully smiles back at you, you’re well on your way to an office fling. The next step is to engage her in conversation that will lead to her being bent over your cubicle desk. But be wary – don’t be too aggressive in pursuing flirtatious mannerisms. At this point, it’s best to back up and play the cool guy. She has to feel there’s more to you than just being a hard dick to ride on. She has to fulfill her criteria of whether you are a nice guy, if you offer her a sense of security, and if you offer more pleasure than drama on the table. Embrace her as your friend, close confidant, and partner – but be careful about talking too much about work. No-one likes to talk about work, especially outside of work. Don’t be the guy who likes to talk about work, get it?


Sexy Secretary
Do you think she wants to talk about work?

Seal the deal, or no meal

Possibly the most important thing about a forbidden office love affair is to be fully aware of the risks-vs-benefit of getting romantically involved. Maybe she works in compliance and your job relies on her approvals or she’s your 3rd level boss or holy shit, maybe she’s married? You always have to weigh the risks of fucking up your job in case things turn sour because, things will inevitably turn sour no matter what anyone will tell you about casual friends-with-benefits relationship. Blame human nature, but feelings and emotions will always start to creep up if you let them. Be open with your dialogue about what’s there to lose – and reach consensus that despite what’s at stake, that it’s still within both interests to swap bodily fluids. A general understanding of each other’s unique situations and an openness to explore the arena of lustful desires means the stage is set for lots of lunchtime sex.


Seal the deal
Let's swap body juices. Deal?




Now that you’re romantically linked, the fun part is to sneak around during any available time to kiss, grab ass, and fuck. The fun part ofcourse is that you try to hide it from everyone else, coworkers, managers, or even your spouses. Putting your hand down her blouse while she’s on the phone at her desk is definitely a turn on. But be very careful playing this game. Try not to go out to lunch together too many days in a week – it will leave people wondering why you spend so much time together and they will eventually pick up on your illicit office romance by noticing the only thing you eat for lunch is pussy by the mustache you’ll be growing.


Office Romance Guidelines 



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