Dating In College: Do’s And Don’ts After A Break Up

Dating in college can be the best time of your life; you have some of the ablest time to be around your partner that you will ever get. Regrettably, many college relationships end badly, and if it is your first break up in college you will often not know what to do when the relationship finishes.

When I was a college junior I have dated a few girls and have found it tough to deal with a break up, particularly when you see the person almost every day on campus or in classes. The rest of the semester and even the rest of the year can be subtle terrain especially when drinking and partying is involved.

The last thing you want to do is see the person that you cared about “hooking up” with another person at a party, or see them holding hands with somebody you don’t know on the courtyard.

All affairs are different, but this article is going to look at what to do and what not to do after a college relationship is over.



Go Out With Friends

Friends will be your principal ally in dealing with a breakup. Do not sit in loneliness just because the fabrics of your life have been changed by this experience; this can often lead to despair and more distress. Friends can be great to get your mind off the occurrence and in turn can make you feel much well.


No one is too big or strong to have despair over a serious relationship, whether you cry in front of your friends or alone it always helps. Do not subdue emotions, this will lead to poor grades and you can become bitter down the road.

Have Your Own Space

The relationship concluded for a reason; most likely it did not just come out of thin air. Give yourself time on your own to reflect on what occurred to sour the relationship, this can be useful to move on or make amends. The relationship may not be completely over; many couples settle and get back together.


Exercise decreases stress and will make you healthier; running was my medicine since it got my mind off the break up.



Listening to Sad Music

As much as we do not want to confess this one, at one point or another we have all turned on our iPods with sad music to retell of us of the break up. No one is feeling sorry for you; do not make yourself hurt anymore. Listen to enriching music that has encouragement for the future so that moving on can be easier.

Drunk Text/Call Your Ex

This happens to all of us, don’t pretend this hasn’t occurred to you. Calling or texting your ex can bring up the punitive reality that you two are no longer dating, and will do you completely no good.

Have a Rebound

Having a rebound may seem like a good idea right? Find another person to fill the emptiness. The severe reality is that you are not ardently ready to handle this after a overwhelming break up. Rebounds can hurt the other person involved; don’t hurt someone else just because you feel sorry for yourself.

Date Right Away

Even if you feel like you can move on swiftly sometimes it is significant to take a break for a little while. Dating right away will lead someone on which will in turn hurt them down the road if you are carrying any emotional baggage from the previous relationship.

Be Friends With Your Ex

Almost always being friends with your ex instantly after a break up can be a very bad idea for the both of you. The feelings will still be there and the bond will be very strained at best. When your ex starts dating again you may get envious which can lead to a lot of pessimism.

College dating is unlike than almost any other dating atmosphere; the times you spent together will be mirrored often on campus and with your mutual friends.