Control Her Mind, Control Her Body

I once watched a great man on television who proclaimed he could have people do whatever he wanted them to do. These people fell into a spell and did everything he said, followed every command, and he would use this power to make them do embarrassingly funny things on television. When the people came to they were asked if they could remember what they did.

All of them replied that they didn’t remember a thing and when they watched a video of their embarrassing actions, they were in disbelief they were capable of doing so. When watching this great man’s accomplishments, all I could think of was how awesome this power was to have women do as I please.

I’m talking ofcourse of Kevin Stone, the famous Hollywood Hypnotist. A board-certified Hypnotherapist, Kevin Stone turned his amazing mind-fucking skills into a bankable form of entertainment.

He makes people do ridiculous things while under full control of their consciousness.

I can only imagine the fun he had with his mutant powers during college years, commanding groups of sorority girls to play naked twister with strap-ons. Well into his matured 40s, Kevin took his act off the college-campus and into the public to provide endless entertainment while fattening his bankaccounts. Simply said, this man is my hero.

While not a hypnotist myself, I have learned to harness this power of “suggestion” and make a girl do whatever I wanted them to do. It doesn’t involve anything with strap-on dildos and the unconscious, but it does involve a willingness to please my every desire ranging from sex to sandwiches. The operative keyword here is willingness, since making a person do things against their will usually involves a forceful hand combined with some hard drugs and might preclude criminal charges by the district attorney.


Mind control is more than looking at a pendulum while counting down to 0. To seize the mind, first you need to get inside the mind, like Professor X. Gaze deep into her eyes while in conversation as if to gain forced entry into the window of her inner desires. Read her thoughts while she’s talking, anticipate her next move. As you stay ahead of her own moves, you can steer her into whichever direction of your choosing, after which you have successfully seized control. Control of the mind means to control the conversation, thereafter controlling her actions. If a girl doesn’t seem interested in a night of passionate sex, explore her mind to dig up the reasons why, then lead her into subconsciously asking herself why not, thereafter it’s pretty much a done deal. The most convincing person on earth doesn’t convince people based on what he says, it is that he allow those people to convince themselves to follow what he says.


Girls will do anything you say as long as you make sense and direct to the point. Like dogs, girls have noses designed to smell bullshit. Lies and misleads can only take you so far, probably only to the bedroom, but that’s where it ends. Anyone can lie his way with her into the bedroom, but if you would like her to make a gourmet meal for you for many nights afterwards, you’d better be a man of good intelligence and decisiveness. Girls love a respectable man, one who is good at what he does and doesn’t boast further than his reach. A guy who isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind and has the capacity to back it up. If you’re laying in bed and want her to fix you a sandwich after a doggy-style session, instead of telling her “make me a sandwich bitch”, a better strategy is to convince her that a sandwich would satisfy the hunger in both of you and that the nutrients would recharge your stamina to go another round.


It’s no fucking secret that to get a girl to obey your every command, you should satisfy her in bed. By reaching her spots and making her experience continuous orgasms, she will do whatever it takes to keep you around. For better or worse, you’re stuck with her. You want to be the guy who can make her cum at even the thought of having sex with you, and for that privilege she will do whatever you want her to do. The key to the heart is not through flowers, chocolates, or Hallmark cards, it is thru the vagina and the tingly spots that make her bust nuts. Anything from swallowing nut to having 4-somes with her sisters are all possible if you make her feel on top of the world.

And if all this doesn’t work, then it’s never too late to become a hypnotist.