Contain Your Emotions 2

In the same way, hoping to make your emotions just “go away” is unrealistic. Lots of people try to do that, but it can literally make them go insane. That’s right; repressing your feelings for a long time makes you crazy. And craziness is hardly a quality that will cause your ex to come running back into your arms.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel your emotions. Women appreciate a guy who is in touch with his own feelings. What we want to do is contain your feelings and keep them away from your efforts to win your girlfriend back.

Imagine a forest fire that is situated not far from a residential area. Firefighters know they will lose a lot of the forest, but they want to contain the fire and keep it from costing anyone their home.

In the same way, you will contain your emotions so that they do not cause you to do anything stupid that will make your goal of getting your girlfriend back any harder than it already is. At the same time, you will release them now, so that you aren’t bottling them up and turning yourself into some sort of “rage bomb” that will inevitably go off.

Any psychologist who knows anything will tell you that you must express your anger regularly. This does a number of things for you. For one, it helps you to get some of that angry, nervous energy out. If you don’t get it out in a healthy way, you will simply find another way to vent—and trust me, it won’t be pretty. Your venting method may end up resulting in a hole in your wall, hospital bills after a bar fight, or a night or two in jail.

What we want you to do is think about your anger as water flowing into a bucket. Sometimes the water will drip into the bucket, and other times it may pour into it. Regardless, the important part of this analogy is that you will always—ALWAYS—empty your bucket when it starts getting full. You will not allow it to overflow and make a mess.